Minister for Social and Consumer Protection Rudolf Hundstorfer of Austria

Hundstorfer is betraying workers in an ice-cold manner, unbelievable in the case of a former GB president.
Rudolf Hundstorfer was born on 19 September 1951 in Vienna and started his trade union activities as youth spokesman in the administration of the City of Vienna.
Hundstorfer was responsible for youth affairs in the Union of Municipal Employees (Gewerkschaft der Gemeindebediensteten - GdG) where he became expert on organisational questions in 1983 before being elected secretary general and, in 1998, chairman of the Landesgruppe Wien (Viennas faction at the GdG.
Rudolf Hundstorfer was member of Viennas Provincial Diet and City Council from 1990 to 2007 and first chairman of Viennas City Council from 1995 to 2007.
In 2003, Rudolf Hundstorfer was elected vice president of the Austrian Trade Union Federation (sterreichischer Gewerkschaftsbund - GB.
On 2 December 2008, Rudolf Hundstorfer was sworn in as Minister of Social Affairs and Consumer Protection of the Republic of Austria.
Rudolf Hundstorfer is married and has three children.
Desana had been liquidated in early 2005.
After resignation of Fritz Verzetnisch as president of this organization in March 2006 because of the BAWAG scandal, Hundstorfer took the presidency provisionally.
Hundstorfer says Desana, through DF Capital, loaned money to Refco.
Hundstorfer says the arrangement was approved by the union's former finance chief, who also was a former Bawag director.
mortgage bank Wuestenrot, insurer Generali's (GASI.
Austrian Federation of Trade Unions (OeGB) President Rudolf Hundstorfer denied allegations that he approved a plan for the federation to accept a 1.
Hundstorfer was cited as saying he was not aware of the debt burden when he signed a deal last September merging Bawag with another bank, the Postsparkasse, or P.
OeGB President Rudolf Hundstorfer said Cerberus was selected as the bank's buyer because of its strong connections to Austria.