Deputy Prime Minister Ali Hasanov of Azerbaijan

He made a very categorical statement saying anything happening in Azerbaijan was absolutely legitimate! Ali Hasanov is the chief of the public-political department of the presidential apparatus.
Ali Hasanov said law on television and radio broadcasting envisages that Azerbaijani national television and radio resources can be used by citizens of the country.
Hasanov took stance on establishment of the Media Support Fund.
Touching upon the government's pressure on press Hasanov said he does not agree with this statement.
In Azerbaijan if a ‘black PR’ campaign was being carried out, at that time the opposition press would be at the top of the list,” Presidential Administration Socio-Political Department head Ali Hasanov told journalists today.
Speaking about opposition's refusal to recognize election results, Hasanov said euphoria will pass soon.
take an emergency trip, his office said.
Hasanov said that substantial work has been done in recent years in Azerbaijan to bolster democracy, protect human rights and comprehensively develop human potential.
Ali Hasanov says executive bodies should provide only technical assistance to electoral bodies.
Azerbaijani ambassador to Iran Abbasali Hasanov takes part at the 19th Meeting of Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) Regional Planning Council started Monday in Tehran, according to AzerTAc`s Tehran based correspondent.
Hasanov said the World Bank and several other international financial institutions have joined the project, calling on others to follow suit.
Hasanov said that he only became editor of the paper after the two articles were published.
Also today, presidential aide Hasanov said election authorities were investigating alleged vote irregularities in 20 constituencies.
The president is fully informed about the state of affairs in the country and regularly receives accurate information, Hasanov said while commenting on Tabrizli's statement that people close to Aliyev misinform him.
As far as the situation within the party is concerned, Hasanov described it as "very good.