Minister of Sports and Youth Azad Rahimov of Azerbaijan

Youth sports minister Azad Rahimov said that a horse ofr EUR1.
Rahimov said several members of Azerbaijani Olympic Team did not justify hopes to them while others did more than could.
Home NewsThe Minister of Sport of Azerbaijan arrived for M-Tel Masters(Sofia, May 13, 2006) The Minister of Sport of Azerbaijan Azad Rahimov is special guest of the super chess tournament M-Tel Masters 2006.
Rahimov is special guest of the competition.
It's an eyesore that Rahimov says Baku can solve.
Azerbaijani officials acknowledge their chances for 2016 seem small, but Rahimov says submitting a bid now builds a foundation for a time when Azerbaijan is better known and better positioned to bid again.
If Topalov wins there will be a lucrative match against the Azerbaijani Teimour Radjabov and his countrys Sports Minister Azad Rahimov has publicly declared his support for Topalov.
Rahimov said the Head of State designated 2007 as the Year of Youth.