Minister of Education Misir Mardanov of Azerbaijan

We consider that a series of actions carried out in education institutions will totally destroy bribery,” Azerbaijani Education Minister Misir Mardanov was quoted by APA as saying.
Noting that the bill will be debated in parliament’s autumn session Misir Mardanov said media misrepresents his statement about old teachers’ retiring on a pension.
Az, Minister Misir Mardanov said addressing the event that the current system of knowledge evaluation depends on subjective opinion of a teacher, does not encourage pupils and make them learn mechanically and there are no grounds for development.
Azerbaijan Republic Minister of Education Misir Mardanov said three-day conference gave results; in particular future cooperation directions have been determined.
Misir Mardanov said the ministry has had good cooperation with the World Bank for about ten years during which credit and loans of $30 million were received.
But our countries have not yet any official agreement on cooperation in education, Minister Mardanov said at the signing.
Education minister Misir Mardanov said that the major objective of the Project was to increase quality of education in schools of general education, improve results of education and raise rationality of expenditures.
Education Minister Misir Mardanov has touted 14 different reform programs currently underway; however, in an interview with TOL, he acknowledged lingering problems tied to the need for even more money and better policies.
Azerbaijani Minister of Education Misir Mardanov said the UNESCO Sub-Regional Conference formed part of a series of six regional or sub-regional conferences supporting global literacy.
Addressing the meeting, Education Minister Misir Mardanov said one of the outstanding problems in the education sector is the low salary of teachers.
Mardanov said foreign languages are not taught in more than 500 schools due to the lack of qualified instructors.