Minister of Internal Affairs Ramil Usubov of Azerbaijan

Usubov said that on the initiative of the Cabinet Ministers of Azerbaijan the two countries’ relevant governmental agencies drafted Memorandum of Co-operation and submitted for consideration of the Cabinet on May 29, 2008.
Internal minister Ramil Usubov said that last year crime detection reached 92.
Azerbaijani Interior Minister, General Colonel Ramil Usubov received chairman of the CIS Executive Committee Vladimir Rushailo, Ministry told the APA.
For his part, Azerbaijan's Interior Minister Ramil Usubov said his country was well informed of Iran's efforts in campaigning against illicit drugs, including the large number of martyrs it has dedicated in the fight against drug traffickers.
Usubov said any attempts by the opposition to breach the law will be resolutely stopped.
The meeting covered mechanisms of mutual cooperation with Regional Center, rules of information exchange, coordinated operation and arrangement of operational search action.
Azerbaijani Interior Minister Ramil Usubov has received Beksultan Sarsekov, the Head of ATC today.
Ramil Usubov said that fundamental reforms based on the democratic principles were carried out in the interior bodies like in other fields and new legislative basis was created in accordance with the European standards and which met the opinion of European experts.
And here the order given by Ramil Usubov has played its decisive role (Ramil Idrisovich should have given such orders more often!) It is easy to guess the order, if two officers beat five policemen and threatened police Major at gun point using bad language.
Reliable sources reported that National Security Ministry claims that this has been organized by Americans and Ramil Usubov has “helped” them.
Usubov has allegedly organized March 13 events to shift the blame on National Security Ministry.
Ramil Usubov congratulated the Belarus Ambassador on his appointment, updating on the socio-political and criminal situation in the country, the Armenian occupation and its heavy sequences, incompetence of the then authorities of Republic which paralyzed state bodies and that Azerbaijan was on the verge of civil war.
Usubov has been Azerbaijan’s interior minister since 1994, and represents the government’s so-called “old guard.
These groups keep fighting for economic interests and political influence and the attack on Ramil Usubov is a sign of this fight,” commented Rauf Mirgadirov, a political correspondent for the Baku-based pro-opposition daily newspaper Zerkalo.
Interior Minister Ramil Usubov said the new money was aimed at stamping out the notorious practice where long-suffering motorists are forced to pay bribes to traffic policemen for both real and imagined offences.
ex-Soviet state, because most voters back the government.
Meanwhile, a hearing scheduled for today in which interior minister Ramil Usubov was to have been questioned about his libel action against Agabeyli has been postponed until 17 August.
Ramil Usubov is a danger for Azerbaijan.
Addressing the board meeting Interior Minister, Colonel-General Ramil Usubov said criminogenic situation in the country was under control, good results were achieved last year and within eight months of this year.
Ramil Usubov said the personnel carried out activities in connection with the abovementioned issues, but noted that there were some shortcomings in solving the crimes against property and carelessness of under-age people and violations of law.
At the end of the board meeting Ramil Usubov said the work done by the police concerning the issues was satisfactory, mentioned the shortcomings in their activity and gave concrete instructions and recommendations.
Ramil Usubov said ensuring public security on the eve of the elections and on the day of voting was of great importance and interference of the police in the process of election was inadmissible.
Interior Minister Usubov has targeted opposition and independent journalists with at least six criminal libel suits involving critical articles, according to CPJ research.
As a high-ranking official, Interior Minister Ramil Usubov is subject to public scrutiny.
Fatullayevs Russian-language newspaper, Realnyi Azerbaijan in July published articles purporting to show that Usubov had ties to the confessed killer of the editor of the magazine Monitor.
Usubov had denied any link to the crime.