Minister of Defense Safar Abiyev of Azerbaijan

The Defense minister of Azerbaijan gave information about Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict over Daqlqi Qarabaq and the problems caused as a result of it.
Defense minister of Azerbaijan, colonel-general Safar Abiyev received the delegation of Political Affairs Committee of the Assembly of Western European Union (WEU) who is on visit in Azerbaijan today, Press Center of Defense Ministry informed.
Amrican Ambassador to Azerbaijan Anne Derse took part in the meeting as well.
Defense Minister of Azerbaijan Safar Abiyev received the delegation of Business Executives of National Security (BENS), Press Service of Defense Ministry informed.
Abiyev said that his country highly values its friendship with China, one the earliest to recognize the independence of Azerbaijan.
The present activities are not satisfying,” Defense Minister Safar Abiyev said at a meeting with newly appointed French military attaché Daniel Chambon.
According the report released by Press Secretary of Azerbaijan Defense Minister, Safar Abiyev said the international organizations including NATO PA should increase efforts for resolution of the conflict: Otherwise the situation can become worse, and Azerbaijan will use strict methods for the liberation of its lands.
Defense Minister Safar Abiyev said at the meeting with Afghan FA Minister.
Minister Abiyev said that a new peacekeepign contingent would leave for Afghanistan in upcoming day.
Azerbaijani Defense Minisater Safar Abiyev received OSCE Minsk G.
All countries should confirm this and take steps aimed at freeing Azerbaijani land, Abiyev said in a meeting with the British ambassador to Azerbaijan Laurie Bristow and military advisory and training group commander Hugh Persley.
Abiyev said the experience of the Jordanian army which stands out for its high discipline would be very beneficial for Azerbaijan.
Abiyev is the Azerbaijani Ambassador to the United States Hafiz Pashayev.
News Photo: Minister of Defense of Azerbaijan Safar Abiyev Is Escorted Into the Pentagon by Secretary Rumsfeld.
News Photo: Minister of Defense of Azerbaijan Safar Abiyev Meets With Secretary Rumsfeld in the Pentagon.
Defense Minister, Colonel General Safar Abiyev received Carolyn Browne, newly-appointed British plenipotentiary and extraordinary ambassador to Azerbaijan.
Abiyev expressed his hope that military cooperation between the two countries will more develop during activity of new ambassador.
Reciprocating his sentiments the Defence Minister, Safar Abiyev said that Azerbaijan and Pakistan enhanced cooperation in the oil & gas sector would further consolidate and strengthen the existing bonds fraternity and brotherhood between the two brotherly Muslim countries.
Defence Minister Safar Abiyev said this in a meeting with the cochairmen of the OSCE Minsk Group.
Abiyev said that more than one million Azerbaijani refugees cannot be sacrificed for 30,000-40,000 Armenians in Nagornyy Karabakh.
Abiyev said that while speaking about peace Armenia wants to consolidate the results of its aggression.
Abiyev said that Armenia was trying to project the image of itself as a party allegedly in conformity with the cease-fire regime.
Abiyev said that Armenia continued to lay territorial claims against Azerbaijan.
Abiyev said that Azerbaijan cannot make a greater compromises than that.
LONDON, May 17 (IranMania) - Azerbaijan?s Defense Minister Safar Abiyev said his country has not allowed Iran?s enemies to set up any military base.
Abiyev denied the deployment of NATO forces to protect oil pipelines in Azerbaijan and said the Azeri forces are taking care of security in such areas.
Abiyev is scheduled to hold two rounds of talks with Mohammad-Najjar on issues of bilateral interest.
Safar Abiyev receives Pakistani newly-appointed Ambassador to.
Defense Minister Safar Abiyev said on Friday that the frequent shooting on the Armenia-Azerbaijan frontline has heightened the tensions.
Abiyev expressed his regret that the frequent ceasefire violations by Armenia of late have caused casualties in the Azerbaijani army.
Azerbaijan's Minister of Defense Safar Abiyev received the ambassador of Korea to Azerbaijan Lew Kvang-Chuna today.
Azerbaijan's Defense Minister Safar Abiyev received the delegation led by Kyrgyzstan's Defense Minister, Lieutenant General Ismayil Isakov.
Abiyev said that so far two agreements have been concluded between the countries in the fields of common military cooperation and qualification of military specialists.
Abiyev said new agreements are needed to be signed for the continuation of the cooperation.
Abiyev said the relations between Azerbaijan and NATO are developing.
Noting that the military cooperation between Azerbaijan and Turkey is at high level, Safar Abiyev said that representatives of the armed forces of the brotherly countries cooperate in Kosovo and Afghanistan implementing their international humanitarian mission.
BAKU-TBILISI-ERZURUM GAS PIPELINEColonel-General Safar Abiyev said that the Turkish-Azerbaijani relations base on a firm ground, the BTC MEP would be commissioned this year, and that the works for construction of the Baku-Tbilisi-Erzurum gas pipeline would be launched in 2006.
Speaking before the signing ceremony, Abiyev described military cooperation between Azerbaijan and Russia as successful.
Defense Minister, Colonel-General Safar Abiyev met October 2 with OSCE Minsk Group American Co-Chair Matthew Bryza.
Safar Abiyev said years-long negotiations to find a peaceful solution to the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh were not fruitful.
Safar Abiyev said Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is a huge obstacle to development of ties between Azerbaijan and the USA.