Ambassador to the US Yashar Aliyev of Azerbaijan

In his letter, President Aliyev praised the United States` efforts on combating global threats and challenges, and on ensuring peace, stability and security throughout the world.
President Heydar Aliyev remains hospitalized in the US.
Yashar Aliyev is fluent in English, Arabic, Russian and Turkish.
Aliyev has been his country’s Permanent Representative since 12 March 2002 and was Vice-President of the Economic and Social Council in 2004.
Aliyev was educated at Azerbaijan State University, Russia's Academy of Sciences in Moscow, the Oriental Studies Institute and at the Diplomatic Academy in Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Aliyev is married with two children.
Deputy Baku Police Chief Yashar Aliyev said that the opposition was responsible for stirring up trouble, adding that on October 22 the police had warned opposition supporters against staging a rally in central Baku without permission.
Aliyev denied that any candidate had been arrested.
Baku Police deputy chief Yashar Aliyev came out of the headquarters, broke up the Popular Front supporters, and then assaulted the journalists.
However, nine journalists, who witnessed the incident, said that Alimardan Aliyev had hurt himself when he took a dictaphone from the journalist’s hands.
Aliyev said the two countries have signed a $ 10 mm contract covering areas including oil exploration, equipment manufacturing and processing, and that he was enthusiastic about the prospects for increased trade between the two countries.
Extraordinary by a presidential decree on January 21.
Elchibey was formally deposed by a national referendum in August 1993, and Aliyev was elected to a 5-year term as President in October with only token opposition.
Aliyev said that it was particularly interesting for delegations to learn how technology could play a part in monitoring the state of the environment.
Aliyev was also Vice-President of the fifty-ninth session of the General Assembly, Vice-President of the Economic and Social Council in 2004-2005, and Vice-President of the United Nations Conference on the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in All Its Aspects in 2001.
Aliyev joined Azerbaijan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1989 as Political Officer in the Department of Information and Political Analysis, later serving as First Secretary in 1990 and Deputy Head in 1991.
Aliyev took up Oriental studies at Azerbaijan State University in 1972, receiving the school's highest degree in 1977.
support, this project would never have been completed, Aliyev said at the Azeri Embassy off Massachusetts Avenue near the US.
Aliyev said he remained optimistic that Kazakhstan, another Central Asian oil giant, will send at least some of its oil through the new BTC pipeline, despite Kazakh President Nursultan Nazar-bayevs recent pledge to funnel his countrys oil through Russia.
Aliyev said he is familiar with complaints of corruption and autocratic rule in Azerbaijan, but reminded US that his democracy is still only 15 years old.