Minister of Lands and Local Government Byran Woodside of Bahamas, The

Maynard Gibson’s list of particulars, which outlines the reasons for her general claim that Minister Byran Woodside is not the duly elected member of parliament for Pinewood although he is sitting in the House of Assembly.
Woodside said that while it may be difficult to provide financial assistance to every group, "our mandate will additionally put in place a mechanism, to assist in the development of groups in order to build and strengthen their capacities.
Speaking firstly to baseball and softball stadiums, Woodside said that capital expenditure in the amount of $1,500,000 has been budgeted toward the initial phase of the construction of the National Baseball Stadium and the National Softball Stadium.
COMMITTED TO SPORTS IN GB Minister of State for Youth and Sports, Byran Woodside said that the Ministry of Sports in committed to the development and improvement of sports and sporting facilities in Grand Bahama.
Woodside said that in pursuance of these objectives, the Ministry of Sports will seek and promote an orderly improvement and expansion in the national sports plant, which is inclusive of National Federations and Associations; the athletes, coaches and administrators which comprise those federations; and the many fans, spectators and corporate sponsors who share in the proven proposition that sport and recreation conjoin with all the other holistic pastimes of man to promote personal growth and development, and in one's ability to properly function in any given society.
Byran Woodside said he is extremely please with the overall performance of the organizing committee in making the regatta successful.
event that was organized in The Bahamas by the BCF.
Nassau Bahamas - The Free National Movements MP for Pinewood, Byron Woodside has failed in a bid to have the election court justices throw out particulars in the Pinewood constituency.
Byran Woodside has emerged victorious in the election court case contesting the Pinewood seat - retaining the seat for the FNM by 49 votes.
The candidate for the ruling Free National Movement (FNM) in the Bahamas, Byran Woodside has retained the Pinewood constituency even after a recount by the Election Court gave him a smaller majority.
Byran Woodside has an idea to make the Kendal isaacs Gymnasium a mecca for local sports offices with a central clerical work staff to assist them all.
It's just that Minister Woodside has gone public with his intention to focus on parity.
Woodside is now challenging 30 people.
Woodside had challenged those voters on the ground that they voted in Pinewood on May 2, but were not ordinarily resident there.
Byran Woodside has lauded the efforts of local athletes, coaches and sports administrators.
The National Hall of Fame will grow larger in 2008 also, if Minister Woodside has his way.
Byran Woodside said it is a “welcomed regatta” to The Bahamas and having hosted the event in 1992, it is appreciated that the event returned.
Minister Woodside was the first Minister of Sports of The Bahamas to attend any Chess event that was organized in The Bahamas by the BCF.
Minister Woodside said that all present at the opening have a responsibility as stakeholders in preserving The Bahamas sport and culture and that, while at the Regatta Seminar, they should seek ways whereby they can improve the delivery and package of the product.
after 110 ballots were tossed, revealed that Woodside had captured the seat with 1,884 votes while the votes of Allyson Maynard-Gibson totaled 1,835.
Woodside said the FNM has a lot to do as it continues to build The Bahamas, adding that now that the election court case is behind him, he plans to move ahead with making his contribution at the constituency, party and national levels.
Wellington Smith, a campaign general for Woodside said the FNM, because it was in opposition at the time of the May 2007 election, could not be accused of cheating, adding that holding an election court was "a waste of time" and UN-called for.