Minister of Education Carl Bethel of Bahamas, The

Carl Bethel is being paid a salary by Bahamian taxpayers for, among other things, to ensure an efficient, progressive and safe environment for the dissemination of knowledge to our students in the public school sector.
Carl Bethel said he left without addressing the group because he had originally planned to meet with the teachers of the Eight Mile Rock High School only.
The facts are such that Carl Bethel is fully aware that the economy that had been left by his party is not presently able to pay for the salary increase.
A freemason and inactive attorney-at-law, Minister Bethel is a member of The Bahamas Bar Association and the Honorable Society of Lincolns Inn and is a past president of the Kiwanis Club of Fort Montagu.
Carl Bethel took part in the presentation of awards to schools and students who participated in the Ministry of Education Art and Design Units 10th Annual Visual Arts Exhibition Monday.
Bethel said the Ministry first introduced the exhibition to develop an interest in and awareness of the discipline of art and to provide students with an opportunity to display their art work in a major exhibition.
Bethel said this commitment is clearly defined in the Ministrys mission: To provide all persons in The Bahamas an opportunity to receive an education that will equip them with the beliefs, attitudes, knowledge and skills required for work and life in a democratic society, guided by Christian values.
Former Attorney General Carl Bethel has earned more than the 'Senator' moniker.
Bahamian banker Owen Bethel says his Islands of the World Fashion Week has "established the Bahamas as a location for fashion" and will become a 'must see' event on the international fashion calendar.
Bethel says the celebrity judges at this year's event had nothing but good things to say.
Describing the Islands of the World fashion show as a "first step on the route" to diversifying the Bahamian tourism product, Mr Bethel said that the Montaque Group had itself invested between $500,000 and $600,000 in the Islands of the World Fashion Week.
I wonder who Mr Bethel has as clients for his investment counseling business? If that is the way he handles money, I'd be scared to have him handle my investments.
Bethel was uncalled for and very disrespectful, moreso, her petition is rediculous and assinine at best.
Plus, everyone in the Bahamas know Carl Bethel is an idiot himself.
canewry11-01-08, - 03:22 PMNewry you my boy and all but right now you talkin caca.
Carl Bethel has some personal and maybe even some mental issues he needs to address.
Carl Bethel, Minister of Education.
Carl Bethel was a senior and still is an senior partner in the law firm of Bethel, Moss Co.
Bahamas Press wishes to note that Bethel is still listed as the representative of the company in the 2008 telephone directory, whilst he serves in the Cabinet of the Bahamas.
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Everyone knows that Carl Bethel is one of the most honest, by the book politicans in the parliament.
I just need clarification before I form an opinion and comment on the matter.
of Foreign Affairs which clearly show that Mr.
Bethel said that this was done without objection from the government.
Bethel was the representative for the area and the sitting attorney general.
Bethel had a 100 percent chance to rectify the matter.
That dispute has been going on for many years even before they created Charles Saunders HighwayCarl Bethel knew about the problem; he knew the land was disputed; he knew which companies claimed to own the land," Mr.
Former Free National Movement Chairman Carl Bethel has extended apologies to Bahamas Union of Teachers (BUT) President Ida Poitier-Turnquest, who yesterday lashed out at the former cabinet minister after her name appeared as a featured speaker in the party’s programme booklet, apparently without her consent.
falls flat and collapses on that score.
Clearly, Carl Bethel has not been paying attention to the decisions made by his leader and his Government the past ten days.
Bethel is clearly unfamiliar with the realities of his party's two week old record.
Carl Bethel was appointed Minister of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture on May 7, 2007, following the May 2, general election.
Bethel said he had already ordered his attorney to file a suit for libel against Wilchcombe and the two radio talk show hosts (for legal reasons, The Nassau Guardian has decided not to print their names) who allegedly repeated the allegations.
When asked about this, Bethel was adamant in his defense of the economy, saying it could provide opportunities for well-educated individuals.
When questioned about how his ministry would handle the Haitian population of students in Bahamian schools, some of whom have to contend with language and cultural barriers, Bethel expressed an unconditional commitment to educating non-citizens residing in The Bahamas.
As the the current school year comes to a close, Bethel said he would be consulting actively with the Ministry of Works through the summer-term to ensure repairs to schools are made promptly, a goal that eluded the Christie administration more than once, delaying hundreds of students' school sessions.
Though Bethel is the Minister of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture, he has two ministers of state that he said will act with relative autonomy in administering the youth, sports and culture aspects of his portfolio.