Minister of Legal Affairs Claire Hepburn of Bahamas, The

Hepburn was a history teacher at Government High School, and a partner at Graham, Thompson Co.
Mrs Hepburn is eminently qualified to effectively and efficiently discharge her responsibility as Attorney General, the Prime Minister said.
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He noted that Hepburn was among the party's most dedicated and faithful supporters who was always willing to do the "grunt work.
Professionally, Hepburn has served in many capacities, including that of Acting Magistrate, Acting Judge of the Supreme Court, Director of The Bahamas International Securities Exchange (BISX), Director of the Bank of The Bahamas, Director of Doctors Hospital Health Systems Limited, Chairman of the Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas, Chairman of the Gaming Board and a Member of the Anglican Central Education Authority.
The government plans to bring a bill to parliament, which would outline sentencing guidelines for murder convicts, Attorney General Claire Hepburn has revealed.
Hepburn said she has complete confidence that judges always make their judgments based on legal principles.
Hepburn said as far as murder cases that are presently before the courts are concerned, nothing can be done until there are judgments in those matters.
There are 500 cases pending before Bahamian courts and the new administration plans to introduce a systematic process to review the cases based on the offence and other mitigating factors, Attorney General Claire Hepburn said on Monday.
Senator Hepburn said it concerned and embarrassed her that under the PLP administration, the terms and conditions of the judiciary became a matter of public debate.
Senator Hepburn said that when she first took office, she vowed to bring respect and dignity to the judicial system and to ensure that the judiciary is, and is seen to be, independent.
NASSAU Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs Senator Claire Hepburn said in the Senate on Wednesday that when it comes to public safety, the Government "will not be distracted from its commitment to the Bahamian people.
Hepburn was speaking on the Bill to amend the Juries Act, which she said "is only part of that commitment.
CRITICAL COMPONENT In moving for the second reading and committal of the Bill to amend the Juries Act in the Senate yesterday, Attorney General Claire Hepburn said the jury system is a critical component of the entire criminal justice system.
Claire Hepburn is a partner in the firm of Graham, Thompson and Co.
Hepburn was awarded Master of Education degree from the University of Miami.
Hepburn has also served on a number of Boards including The Bahamas International Securities Exchange (BISX), Bank Limited and Doctors Hospital Health Systems.
Claire Hepburn said “It is as important for US as a government as it is for you as private wealth managers, to ensure that we are seen as prudentially regulated and free of the twin vices of money laundering and terrorist financing.
Attorney General Claire Hepburn has vowed to tackle the backlog of criminal cases in the Supreme Court, presently standing at a daunting 500 cases, some more than 20 years old.
Hepburn was speaking during debate in the Senate on the national $1.
Hepburn said there were a number of reasons why the adoption of the maxim “swiftly caught, swiftly tried and swiftly punished" was most unfortunate.
Stating that "upgrading" her office's staff and operations is a top priority, Hepburn said that although she has only been on the job for 2 1/2 months, she has noticed a few issues.
Stating that nothing in her life has prepared her for this experience, Hepburn said that with the help of those around her she intends to make this work.
Highlighting the lack of senior lawyers in the AG's offices, Hepburn said that this will soon be corrected as cabinet has recently granted her the "OK" to start recruiting.
Stating that the public can also look forward to the possible appointment of a director of public prosecutions to act independently of the Attorney Generals office, Hepburn said that this is one changes that will be made.
Questioned as to whether more resources are going to become available to attract more Bahamians to the bench, Hepburn said she plans to work on it.
He said Hepburn is eminently qualified to effectively discharge the responsibility of the office of Attorney General.
Email To FriendPrint VersionBy Mark Symonette NASSAU, Bahamas (BIS): A national strategy on the prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism will assist in developing clearly identified national goals critical to The Bahamas sustaining its reputation as an internationally recognised, well-regulated financial services jurisdiction, Attorney General Claire Hepburn said on Monday.
It is accepted that the first step in the fight against money laundering must be the enactment of effective anti-money laundering and financing of terrorism legislation, Hepburn said at a seminar in Nassau.
Hepburn said it is imperative that an Umbrella Group or Committee be established, which can review and make recommendations to the Government on AML/CFT matters at a policy level, using statistics provided by the Umbrella Group or Committee.
Hepburn said at a seminar on a National Strategy on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism at the British Colonial Hilton Hotel.
Speaking at the recent Chamber of Commerce 2nd Annual "Meet the Ministers Forum", Senator Hepburn said the government wants amended the Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence Act.
Senator Hepburn was joined at the forum by six of her cabinet colleagues, who answered questions businesspeople had about various matters, including crime, the economy and the rising cost of living.
Claire Hepburn is a staff lawyer at Downtown Legal Services in Toronto.
Hepburn is a former college lecturer, acting judge and chairman of the Bahamas Broadcasting Corporation.