Minister of Youth, Sports, and Culture Desmond Bannister of Bahamas, The

Not saying that there will never be another Bahamas Games, but Minister Desmond Bannister has indicated that more would be accomplished by hosting a Youth Bahamas Games, rather than just the regular Bahamas Games.
Minister Bannister said that he has a plan to put a number of tracks in Eleuthera, a huge gymnasium and do the same thing in Abaco, Long Island, Cat Island and to as many of the islands his budget will allow him to carry out such works.
Bahamas Association of Athletics Association president Senator Desmond Bannister has put fireworks to his relationship with Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, Hon.
Bannister said Wisdom is the 'worst' sports minister he has ever had to deal with and has to understand he cannot hold sporting federations hostage by holding back funds looking for their respect.
Bannister said that Wisdom responded in a very arrogant manner that he does not really care and will do it his way.
Bannister said he has tried hard to work with Wisdom and has refrained at all cost to rate him or disparage him in the press so far.
However, during the meeting Bannister said Wisdom commented that he would call the prime minister of these countries and tell them to look for their own transportation.
Bannister said before they started down this road they made contacts with Bahamasair and they found out that Bahamasair could not fly to Bermuda.
Bannister said he is sorry but Wisdom has nothing to do with Carifta and he cannot run their organization and will be found that he is left out if he does not support them.
The Free National Movement announced on Tuesday that Senator Desmond Bannister has tendered his resignation from the Senate.
Bannister has written to Senate President Sharon Wilson resigning from the Senate with effect from April 30, 2005, a statement from the FNM said.
Bannister was first appointed to the Senate on 21 May, 2002 following the May 2002 general elections.
Bannister said that the small group of FNM Senators has been able to do a fine job in the Senate.
Bannister said he did not wish to comment on his future with the sporting organization.
As a result of these combined efforts and prolonged negotiations with the United States Trade Representative office, Bannister said The Bahamas, for the second year, does not appear on the Special 301 list.
Continuing, Bannister described the offence of rape as one of the “most wicked” offences imaginable.
In this regard, she was very pleased that Minister Bannister was on hand to announce a financial aid initiative that she felt sure would have a very real impact on student athletes and their willingness to remain in The Bahamas for higher education.
Bannister said that the exact location could not be announced as yet but the Ministry of Works is expected to have all of the designs and surveys completed before July 2009 with construction set to commence soon thereafter.
Continuing, Minister Bannister described the offence of rape as one of the most wicked offences imaginable.
suspended following the passage of the Bill.
Bannister said he couldnt foresee how long it would take for the complex to be constructed, or how many budget allocations would be needed to fund it, but he stressed the governments commitment to fund it.
Bannister said it would be "inappropriate" for him to say some of the sites under consideration for the location of the judicial complex because it would be unfair for him to invite speculation.
Bannister said once the complex is constructed it can make a big difference in the whole system of dispensing justice.
Bannister said he suspected that Bahamian artists will begin making royalty claims at some point, which claims would have to be appropriately assessed prior to payment.
appropriately assessed prior to payment.
Youth, Sports and Culture Minister Desmond Bannister says one of the most fundamental responsibilities of government was to ensure that laws were enacted to protect the vulnerable in society.