Minister of Labor and Social Development Dion Foulkes of Bahamas, The

Minister Foulkes said a comprehensive multi-agency investigation was conducted and as a result of the committee's findings, the government agreed to make an ex gratia payment since there was no finding of any wrong doing by the agency of the government.
Minister Foulkes said the government is also determining the specific amounts to be offered to each victim.
Foulkes said that "what is significant is that because of the vast number of Haitian immigrants already here legally and illegally we cannot continue to add significant numbers indefinitely.
Foulkes said that his main strategy for dealing with illegal immigration is a policy of deterrence.
Foulkes said that "The Bahamas should utilize Inagua as a southern command centre to effectively police the waters of the southern Bahamas.
Foulkes said insufficient attention is being paid to the principles which should guide the immigration debate.
Much has been said about the fiasco in which Dion Foulkes is presently embroiled.
Foulkes said the Trade Union of Congress, the National Congress of Trade Unions and The Bahamas Employers Confederation worked hand-in-hand with the government to make it possible for the country to sign onto the DWCP.
Last year, Mr Foulkes was accused of failing to properly represent two of his clients who say they lost tens of thousands of dollars after getting mortgages to buy property in a subdivision that was never fully approved by the PLP government.
Labour Minister Dion Foulkes had to vigorously defend himself and the government Saturday after Trade Union Congress president Obie Ferguson lashed out over the termination of 150 Sandals Royal Bahamian Resort and Spa employees last Friday.
Foulkes was seen laughing at Laing today on ZNS.
Minister Foulkes says the Ministry of Maritime Affairs is committed to the continued growth and development of the Port of Nassau, “an invaluable part of the socio-economic development of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.
NASSAU, Bahamas (BIS): Labour and Social Development Minister Dion Foulkes has assured Bahamians that opportunities for employment in the construction, hotel and financial services industries would be offered to them first.
Foulkes said only through continued regional cooperation and the sharing of technology and information can nations ward off such threat.
Foulkes said he hopes the ISPS Forum, which is being attended by delegates from The Bahamas and the region, will ferment new ideas on the implementation of security measures, while creating an even more integrated approach to reducing vulnerabilities at Bahamian ports.
2 January 2002 under the headline: ‘FOULKES DENIES PM’S REMARKS.
to be living off a ministerial salary but building a million dollar home.
happen internally without his express approval.
to elect him Deputy Leader designate.
don't come back until the House meets.
Foulkes said it was clear to him from that moment what Senator Maynard-Gibsons intentions were.
Foulkes said he told the Opposition senators that the House of Assembly with 41 members, including 18 members of the Opposition, concluded its committal stage by 10 oclock in the evening and there was no good reason why the Senate should go beyond that.
Foulkes said Senator Maynard-Gibson and some members of the PLP might find it difficult to adjust to their role in Opposition.
Minister Foulkes said he is convinced that the maritime industry can significantly expand beyond tourism and rival the financial services sector in The Bahamas if more focus is placed on it.
Minister Foulkes said The Bahamas has a healthy climate for Maritime Affairs, and it is his Ministry's responsibility to see that it remains.
To date, Senator Foulkes has not demonstrated to the complainants that he fulfilled these obligations of the bank, and the complainants are persuaded that he did not do so because he could not do so because there was and remains no Sub-division approval and or building permit.
This is significant because it establishes that the misconduct of Senator Foulkes was not an isolated lapse of judgment.
I recall the incident in 2001 when Senator Foulkes was then the Minister of Education and awarded contracts to one named Denise Michelle Burrows - a contract time which was awarded uncomfortably close to the time of the then contest for Leadership of the Free National Movement.
Senator Foulkes said those he believed Senator Gibson was attacking were men who fought for the equality of Bahamian women as well as the right of the Bahamian people to move from island to island.
com The Ministry of Labour and Social Development was unaware of the termination of employment of executive members of the Bahamas Hotel Maintenance and Workers Union (BHMAWU) by the Sandals Royal Bahamian Resort Cable Beach on Friday, Minister Dion Foulkes said in a statement released on Saturday.
com Less than a week into the new year and Labor Minister Dion Foulkes is being put on notice that a mass demonstration is being planned that is threatening to encompass the church, civic organizations and the entire labor movement.
Thursday, Minister Foulkes met with the unions’ executives and management of the Power Company, with the second round of talks held as a joint meeting between the groups on Friday.
Minister of Labour and Social Development Dion Foulkes has intervened in the Morton Salt Companies Labour Dispute.
Foulkes is leading a delegation to Inagua today to continue discussions with executives of the Union and their legal counsel Mr.
Minister Foulkes has urged both parties to exercise restraint during this “very delicate period of negotiations.
Labor and Social Development Minister Dion Foulkes was locked in an all-day meeting with the Bahamas Industrial Manufacturers and Allied Workers Union (BIMAWU) executives yesterday in Inagua in a bid to broker an agreement with the labor organization that would have allowed workers at Morton Bahamas to return to their normal duties.
Foulkes is encouraging all parties to be a part of the established process to resolve disputes.
Minister Foulkes has been implicated by Roberts as one of the attorneys that allegedly received payment for mortgages related to properties off Cowpen Road, which were supposed to be developed as a subdivision, but was never given final approval from government.
Foulkes was in his private practice and was not a member of parliament during the time the alleged mishandling occurred.
The former minister claimed that Foulkes was retained by two of the couples purchasing a home in the proposed subdivision and had failed to follow proper legal practice.
Dion Foulkes was retained to finalize the documentation of the mortgage, including ensuring that the terms of the mortgage approval were met.
To date Senator Foulkes has not demonstrated to the complainants that he fulfilled these obligations of the bank and the complainants are persuaded that he did not do so because there was and remains no subdivision approval and or building permit," Roberts claimed.
A spokesperson for Minister Foulkes, who is outside the country on business attending a meeting of the International Maritime Organization in London, said that Robert's claims are cowardly at this time, considering that Foulkes is out of the country.
Foulkes has promised to issue a response to Robert's claims.
In response to the layoff of 800 workers at Atlantis-Paradise Island, the Bahamian Labor Minister Dion Foulkes expressed surprise at the scale of the firings.