Minister of the Environment and Maritime Affairs Earl Deveaux of Bahamas, The

Deveaux said a causeway will be built where the Glass Window Bridge currently exists.
Deveaux said a model for the rebuilt bridge was completed, but the final design for the causeway has not been finalized and the government is not yet ready to go to tender.
Deveaux said that essentially the government is trying to ensure that the causeway when built will be so sturdy that during hurricane force waves and winds the island itself will not shift.
Minister Deveaux said the airport at Stella Maris is currently undergoing expansion and very soon work will begin to complete the terminal building and meet the International Civil Aviation standards for international security.
Deveaux said at Worker's House Monday.
Deveaux said as a complement to the Highway Code, consultants from the British team Transport Research Laboratory completed a number of documents, which included a manual for Driver Instructors and Examiners and a driving school code of practice.
Deveaux said the Road Traffic Department will improve the physical layout of the driving range.
Deveaux said all publications and programmes intended for institutional strengthening and development will be completed by June 2008 with the exception of the legislative measures and the improvements to the driving range.
Minister Deveaux was one of two keynote speakers who addressed the July 23, 2003, opening of a two-day Caribbean Regional Sustainable Energy High Level Seminar, held at the Sheraton Cable Beach Resort and organised by The Organization of American States (OAS), along with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA.
Minister Deveaux said according to The Economist, the expected market for energy translates into a business worth six trillion dollars annually and represents roughly one tenth of the world’s economic output.
Earl Deveaux has a number of items on his portfolio as Minister of the Environment, but says his immediate attention will be given to showing and demonstrating that the nation is addressing its cleanliness habits.
Deveaux said will be the increase level of piracy and the increased importance of shipping.
Earl Deveaux is pictured center as he discussed the upcoming Bahamas International Maritime Conference and Trade Show, slated for Our Lucaya Resort November 19 - 21, 2008.
Earl Deveaux was elected the Free National Movements (FNM) Member of Parliament for the Marathon Constituency in the May 2, 2007, general election and sworn in as Minister of Works and Transport by His Excellency the Hon.
Deveaux has worked as a government planning officers, as research and credit officers for World Bank Corporation, as manager of The Bahamas Agricultural Research Training Development Project on Andros (1974-1978), as Assistant Director of Agriculture (1979-1983), as a commercial farmer (1983-1987), as a consultant to The Bahamas Agricultural and Industrial Corporation and the Ministry of Agriculture (1987-1993) and as Director of Agriculture (1993-1996.
the first Bahamas maritime conference and trade show.
Using information from the Uniform Highway Code, Deveaux said if a two-lane highway is planned and designed properly, it should be able to accommodate 2,000 vehicular movements per hour.
Deveaux said that when they are completed, it is hoped they would alleviate some of the traffic congestion.
However, because of pressure, Deveaux said he does not know how long he can hold on to this conviction.
Using himself as an example, Deveaux said his nine-member family of which four are adults, does not need the five cars that they have parked on the driveway.
BJ Clancy-Deveaux is a self employed marketing and management consultant.
Clancy-Deveaux is a strong family advocate, active in church, youth and community work.
Deveaux said he does not believe that the incident is likely to occur again.
Reverse Osmosis is appearing more and more to be a panacea to the growing demand for fresh and potable water in The Bahamas, according to Minister of Works Dr.
Deveaux said that taking a look at the water issues of New Providence where the majority of the countrys population resides there is a challenged well field system and general overuse of water and therefore an obvious need for reverse osmosis.
Deveaux said the Water and Sewerage Corporation is subsidized by the government to the tune of more than $18 million a year, mainly due to the challenges faced by the Corporation in the production and distribution of water.
Deveaux said there can be greater benefits found in maintaining wells as opposed to converting sea water into fresh water.
Deveaux said there is one issue the Water and Sewerage Corporation has yet to deal with: paying for the costs related to reverse osmosis over long periods of time.
Deveaux said that he would want to see reverse osmosis approached in a way that would allow The Bahamas to maximize its natural resources in order to use them equitably.
Environment Minister Earl Deveaux says he wants the people of Bimini to act as the government’s eyes and ears by alerting the authorities to any environmental issues involving the Bimini Bay development.
a convert to his “vision” for Bimini.
Deveaux says there are 5,000 legally registered Haitian workers in the Bahamas, and they have brought 13,000 dependent family members with them, who also receive residency rights.
Yet Min Deveaux has awarded a further contract to this same company, without providing any public assurance that the taxpayers of this country have been reimbursed for the sum excessive over costs.
This performance by Min Deveaux was the same weak performance we all had an opportunity to see at the recent Town Meeting with respect to the proposed Albany Project.
The selective use of the report by Earle Deveaux is Hypocrisy of the first order.
Dr Deveaux said a contract has been signed for the environmental assessment to take place.
Deveaux said the project could have wider spinoffs since five percent of the world's coral reefs were in the Bahamas.
Deveaux said that steps to bolster Caribbean economies would also help them in the longer term to resist threats such as climate change or rising world food prices.
Minister of the Environment Earl Deveaux met with Nassau shippers on Monday as they prepare for the first Bahamas maritime conference and trade show.
Earl Deveaux said the conference and trade show “is extremely good news for The Bahamas.
Wendy's could not be reached for comment Tuesday, although Deveaux is suggesting it is now exploring alternative uses for the vacant lot, including a commercial retail complex and an offshore banking center.
Deveaux said the project was really awaiting a review of the scope of works and then an indication of when would be an appropriate start time.
Minister Deveaux met with the residents of the community and they discussed plans for the proposed park.
Deveaux was instrumental in establishing significant new policies aimed at protecting the environment.