Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham of Bahamas, The

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and Sisters, Hubert Ingraham is older and fixed in his ways.
with his presence and believes he is indispensable to the Bahamian people.
In 1976, Ingraham was elected National Chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) and a member of that party's National Executive Committee.
At the time Ingraham said that it boiled down to a matter of trust.
In the General Election held on 2 May 2007, the FNM won a majority of seats, defeating the PLP, and Ingraham was sworn in as Prime Minister on 4 May He also became Minister of Finance in the new government.
Ingraham said that the Government is good at taking credit for the positive for Emerald Bay in Exuma, Our Lucaya in Grand Bahama, and for Atlantis on Paradise Island.
Ingraham was in Grand Bahama celebrating with hundreds of FNM officers and supporters as the party commemorated the anniversary of FNM's historic general election victory on August 19, 1992.
Ingraham said he is ready willing and able to provide the leadership needed at this point and time in the country's history.
Ingraham described members of the Government as "wolves in sheep clothing" and "empty vessels.
Accusing the government of being incompetent, Ingraham said that this is the reason for Grand Bahama's weak economic position today.
Ingraham said the FNM knows what it takes to get Grand Bahama up out of where is it today.
GREETING SUPPORTERS Leader of the Free National Movement (FNM) Hubert Ingraham is mobbed by party supporters on his arrival to address the FNM rally Saturday evening, celebrating the party's first victory as Government of The Bahamas on August 19, 1992.
Ingraham was born at Pine Ridge, Grand Bahama, and was educated at the Government High School Evening Institute, Nassau.
In 1984, amid a period of economic decline and allegations that members of the government were involved in corruption and drugs trafficking, Ingraham supported a move for the resignation of the prime minister, Sir Lynden O.
The move failed, and Ingraham was expelled from the PLP in 1986.
In 1987, Ingraham was elected to the House of Assembly as an independent.
Like several of his colleagues, Ingraham has left behind the party- dominated political campaign, similar to the British system, in favor of a more American-style, candidate-driven contest.
Hubert Alexander Ingraham was born on the island of Grand Bahama on August 4, 1947.
Ingraham has often spoken of his goal to "conduct the affairs of The Bahamas 'in the sunshine,'" and put in place a system and mindset where the misdeeds of the previous era would not be possible.
Ingraham was named to Her Majesty's most honourable Privy Council in 1993, and has chaired the Conference of CARICOM Heads of Government.
Ingraham was born 4 August 1947 in Pine Ridge, Grand Bahama.
In 1976, Ingraham was elected National Chairman of the PLP and a member of that party's National Executive Committee.
Ingraham joined the Official Opposition in April 1990, and was immediately appointed Parliamentary Leader.
When the Leader of the Opposition, Sir Cecil Wallace-Whitfield, died in May 1990, Ingraham was unanimously elected Leader of the Free National Movement and was appointed Leader of the Official Opposition on 18 May 1990, by the Governor-General.
In July 1993, Prime Minister Ingraham was made a Member of Her Majesty's most honourable Privy Council.
The then Prime Minister Ingraham was quoted in saying;"whoever wins the referendum, will win the election.
Ingraham said that it boiled down to a matter of trust.
In the General Election held on 2 May 2007, the FNM won a majority of seats, defeating the PLP, and Ingraham was sworn in as prime minister on 4 May.
Hubert Ingraham is married to the former Delores Miller of Long Island, and they have five children.
Notwithstanding his strong identification with and ties to the working class, Ingraham has tremendous respect for the business community.
Ingraham is married to the former Delores Miller of Long Island, Bahamas, a high school principal in the government operated school system.
Ingraham has acknowledged the unintended consequences of raising taxes on luxury goods.
Speeches The Right Honourable Hubert Alexander Ingraham was sworn in as the fourth Prime Minister of The Bahamas by His Excellency the Hon.
Prime Minister Ingraham is also Minister of Finance.
Prime Minister Ingraham was first elected to the House of Assembly in 1977 as the representative for his hometown constituency of Coopers Town, North Abaco.
A child of working-class parents, Prime Minister Ingraham has a strong social conscience, which influenced the policies of his party and government.
Executive summary: Elected as the 2nd and 4th Prime Minister of the Bahamas, Mr Ingraham has played a pivotal role in forming stability in the Bahamas.
This poll is to see what the BI Community thinks of the job the Hubert Ingraham is doing.
No matter what, the fact is after a year in office Hubert Ingraham has found the URGENT need to reassign the men and women in the Cabinet due to a lack of performance.
Hubert Ingraham has a serious problem this time however, he has discovered that the entire CABINET in the CABINET has all fallen to some kind of corruption or SCANDAL.
Something happened in 2003 that the rest of US missed eh? Collie getting fired shouldnt be a surprise because Shane was fired, Kenyatta was fired, keod was fired and before them, Pindling and ingraham fired plenty people too.
I know that its because of the war in Iran that the economy is bad but guest what, things would not have been so bad here in The Bahamas if Hubert Ingraham had not stoped projects that had already been signed and some in the prossess to be signed just to say that because it was a PLP project, it was not going through.
I think PM Hubert Ingraham is due to bennefit greatly from the Batelco Privitization deal.
Nassau, Bahamas: Word is that Hubert Ingraham is back in the capital and though no formal word has yet confirmed that to be true, one can feel the heaviness all over the city again.
The peace was broken all of a sudden now that Hubert Ingraham is back in the country.
Ingraham was educated at local schools in The Bahamas.
After making charges that the government led by Sir Lynden had become corrupt, Ingraham was dismissed from the cabinet in 1984, but he won reelection to the House of Assembly in 1987 as an independent.
the performance of his party over the past 10 years.
point, a confidential informant for a foreign government.
and has never served as a Confidential Informant for US.
in Parliament (See story Will Ingraham Stay below.
Ingraham said that he had no interest in being the Leader of the Opposition.
it clear that Hubert Ingraham is on the defensive.
Watson at their upcoming convention.
Ingraham has kept at arm's length.
of the party in the House of Assembly.
Ingraham is even interested in leading the FNM MP’s.
to accept being the leader in the Opposition.
Ingraham was not present for the historic meeting.
former leader, a former prime minister.
dominating personality in terms of Bahamian politics.
wants to come back as leader of the FNM and prime minister of The Bahamas.
Ingraham has a passion for the political scene in The Bahamas.
elections, the FNM leader said Mr.
responsibility for the FNM defeat.
Since coming to power last May in a stunning election upset, the fiscally conservative government of Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham has been remaking the countrys tourism industry, submitting balanced budgets, and putting the brakes on further mega resort projects.
Ingraham is viewed as a stronger leader than Christie, who is viewed as an indecisive leader.
The apparent reality and duality of their friendship that has been displayed by Perry Christie and Hubert Ingraham has reached its epic level, where the two former law partners and former political associates and now leaders of the country's Government and Official Opposition respectively, have come to a point of inexorable confrontation in this unique upcoming election in 2007 in which there can be neither collaboration nor cooperation, but only through a genuine test of democracy.
In my humble opinion Hubert Ingraham is tired and worn out.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I note that Hubert Ingraham said it was the Board of Directors that took the decision to terminate Leon Williams as President and CEO of BTC Ltd after some forty years in the employ of the company.
then those same persons would also have me to believe that Hubert Ingraham was Quasimodos brother.
I do not believe Hubert Ingraham was truthful when he said that it was the Board of BTC who took the decision to fire Leon Williams and have concluded that Hubert Ingraham gave the directive to terminate Leon Williams because he stood up to some powerful friends of Hubert and the gang.
Ingraham is known for making decisions often unpopular with the ways of the country.
It sounded, in fact, like Ingraham was borrowing heavily from Save Guana Cay Reef to win the election.
If Ingraham was elected, the locals of Great Guana Cay may have a political voice, not just a legal voice.
We all know that Ingraham came to the FNM with astounding and unprecedented demands.
Ingraham was their vehicle to accomplish this; unfortunately for them they did not for see his profound arrogance and distain.
Time has shown though that Ingraham has thrown most of his confederates and lackeys overboard and left them foundering, as most of them are doing to this very day.
Following him Ingraham took the podium and asked that the favours be returned by the same dubious method.
Carl Bethel was standing next to me, I asked him what he thought of the statement, he told me that what I had asked him was not what Ingraham had said.
Ironically, Mr Ingraham has probably hurt any chances he has in becoming the Leader of the FNM due to his, or should I say his supporters handling of this entire affair because he, through his supporters, certainly appears to be someone who does not mean what he says and says what he means.
Revealing the true extent of the impacts of the global economic downturn on the Bahamas' tourism industry yesterday, Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham said arrivals are expected to be down by eight per cent by.
Ingraham is also Minister of Finance.
Hubert Ingraham was born in Pine Ridge, Grand Bahama, on August 4, 1947.
the representative for his hometown constituency of Cooper’s Town, North Abaco.
conscience, which influenced the policies of his party and government.