Minister of Foreign Affairs and Immigration Theodore "Brent" Symonette of Bahamas, The

Symonette was born in Nassau, Bahamas.
Symonette is also an established real estate broker.
Symonette was appointed to the Senate in 1987 by the late Sir Cecil Wallace Whitfield and was re-appointed to the Senate in 1992 by Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham.
Following the May 2007 general election, which was won by the FNM, Symonette was sworn in as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs in Ingraham's government on May 4.
In the past, Symonette has served as Attorney General, Minister of Tourism and Chairman of the Airport Authority.
As Chairman of the Hotel Corporation of the Bahamas, Symonette was instrumental in negotiations that resulted in bringing the Atlantis Hotel and affiliated resort properties to the Bahamas.
Symonette is the youngest son of Sir Roland Symonette (1898-1980), the first Premier of the Bahamas and Lady Margaret Symonette nee Frances.
Symonette is also the half brother of Bobby Symonette, former Speaker of the House of Assembly.
Roland "Pop" Symonette was born on the small island settlement of Current, Eleuthera.
Symonette was one of many children of Methodist Minister Edwin Symonette and his wife Lavania (nee Weech.
An autodidact and life-long advocate of education, Symonette was a school teacher early in his career, but, during Prohibition, Symonette 'ran' rum to the United States.
In 1959, Symonette was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II.
Symonette was married three times.
By his first wife Nellie, Symonette had one son, Basil Harcourt.
By his second wife, the former Thelma Bell Clepper of Andalusia, Alabama, Symonette had a one son, Robert "Bobby" and one daughter, Zelda.
In the late 1940s, Symonette married Canadian Margaret Frances.
His youngest son Brent Symonette is the current Deputy Prime Minister of The Bahamas, Free National Movement and Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Ingraham led government.
Theodore Brent Symonette was sworn in by His Excellency the Hon.
Theodore Brent Symonette was appointed Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and O A T Tommy Turnquest, Minister of National Security.
Brent Symonette was sworn in as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, and the Hon.
Symonette said the meeting sought to synthesise the critical inputs that form the basis of the agenda of the July Conference of Heads so that it could fulfill its mandate to determine and provide policy direction to the Community.
Reminding that the last meeting of Council, the first for the year was four months ago, and was his first as Chairman, Symonette said the main focus of that forum included approving the Work Programme and Budget of the CARICOM Secretariat, and the mobilisation and allocation of resources for the implementation of Community plans and programmes, in keeping with the responsibility of the Council for strategic planning and coordination of the work of CARICOM.
Brent Theodore Symonette is deputy leader of The Free National Movement.
The fact that Brent Symonette is white is truly interesting.
It is truly wonderful that Brent Symonette is a white man.
All I know is that Pop Symonette was one shrewd dude.
FNM Deputy Leader Brent SymonetteDuring his partys rally at Clifford Park Saturday night, began with his bona fides.
Galanis said the PLP thinks the FNM has, in his words, "recognized that Brent Symonette is a liability, and that is why theyre hiding him.
Brent Symonette is not the right person for the job," he said.