King bin Isa al-Khalifa Hamad of Bahrain

the king Hamad married his cousin on October 9, 1968, a union which bore him H.
King Hamad praised the joint investment projects between the two countries at the public and private levels and expressed satisfaction with the important role played by the Kuwait Financing House in vitalising investments and promoting new joint projects in the Kingdom.
King Hamad said Bahrain had taken bold steps and achieved on political, economic and democratic levels.
In 1974 His Majesty King Hamad was named Deputy to the Head of the Khalifa Family Council and was also responsible for establishing the country's Historical Documents Centre.
There is now a democratically elected parliament, although King Hamad has the right to appoint a consultative Shura council with legislative powers equal to those of parliament.
Khalifa, born June 4, 1977; and Sheikha Najla, born May 20, 1981.
Sheikh Hamad has long been the Crown Prince, and is a well-known figure, though by many accounts not a terribly popular one.
son of Sheikh ‘Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa, who from 1961 until his death last weekend ruled Bahrain.
of Islam, and after concluding his primary education in 1964, became officially Crown Prince in June of that year.
Peninsula Shield force fielded by the GCC during the war to drive Iraq from Kuwait, Hamad is credited with creating and maintaining it as a professional force.
variety of commissions, including holding the number two post in the Ruling Family Council, but by all accounts his first love has long been the armed forces, which he commanded following earlier service as Minister of Defense.
On October 9, 1968 Sheikh Hamad married his first cousin.
Defense before his designation as Crown Prince.