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The attorney general resigned purely on health grounds, he said, adding Hassan Ariff had been saying over the last six months that he wanted to resign on health reasons.
On another inquiry, Hassan Ariff said he does not have "any idea or any information" that prices of essentials are increasing as state of emergency has been in effect for a long time.
Ariff said the responsibility for holding the elections, in accordance with the law, lies with the Election Commission.
Former Attorney General AF Hassan Ariff said it is futile to make any comment anew as the Chief Justice made his valued observations based on his perception and wisdom.
The current caretaker government will call it a day on Dec 31 when it will end its tenure, Law Adviser AF Hassan Ariff said yesterday.
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HTML clipboardAgency Law and justice adviser AF Hassan Ariff has said some emergency powers rules have to be relaxed in the buildup to elections.
Replying to a question from the reporters, Hassan Ariff said the emergency powers rules do not bar voting, but ban electioneering, processions and rallies, for which the rules must relax.
Hassan Ariff said he had seen some sections of the law.
Suggesting such hearings could be organised at local press clubs, Hassan Ariff said he has heard that many people who cannot reach the local administration to talk about their problems contact the local press clubs instead.
com): The current caretaker government will call it a day on December 31 when "it will end its tenure", Law Adviser AF Hassan Ariff said Friday.
The Emergency Powers Rules needs to be relaxed for holding the elections as it hinders the election process,’ Hassan Ariff said in reply to a question at the weekly briefing at the ministry.
com) – The caretaker administration is considering forming a National Security Council to tackle law and order issues and national disasters, law adviser AF Hassan Ariff said Thursday.
However according to BDNEWS24 :Law adviser AF Hassan Ariff has said that speaking of the country's internal political matters by foreigners during their visits here on tourist visa is not in conformity with law.
A bit stronger stance has been taken now," Hassan Ariff said in his weekly briefing.
In a letter to the Law Ministry Ariff said he quits on health ground.
Religious Affairs Adviser AF Hassan Ariff was present at the reception.
Ariff said the caretaker government is working for establishing the rule of law in the country.
Adviser Hassan Ariff expressed hopes that the recommendations will remove the "language or interpretation gap" created surrounding the Women Development Policy.