CA for Jute and Textiles Anwarul Iqbal of Bangladesh

Anwarul Iqbal said the government withdrew duty on many goods at the requests of the businessmen.
Anwarul Iqbal said necessary funds have already been sought from the Ministry of Finance to set up these markets.
UNB adds: Anwarul Iqbal said the government thinks that there would be no problem during the next polls, too.
Iqbal said the present government would automatically cease to exist once the new government was formed.
Briefing newsmen after an inter-ministerial meeting on preparation for the SAARC Home Ministers conference, Advisor Anwarul Iqbal said the Delhi conference would also discuss the formation of SAARCPOL in the model of EUROPOL.
Anwarul Iqbal said development of south-western region of the country is needed to offset rise of underground parties.
Explaining the reasons for calling the press conference, Additional IGP Anwarul Iqbal said that their attention was drawn to news reports published in different dailies regarding the arrest of Shaikh Abdur Rahman and Bangla Bhai and their disclosures got from the interrogation.
Replying to queries, RAB director general Abdul Aziz Sarkar and additional IGP Anwarul Iqbal said that they are yet to get any link between the JMB and arms and ammunitions recovered in Chittagong and Bogra.
Narrating the successes of the RAB, Anwarul Iqbal said they arrested at least 646 persons, including two top terrors.
Anwarul Iqbal said their task of controlling law and order would be more effective if they got cooperation from the people as well as the media.
The Labour and Employment Adviser for Local Government Md Anwarul Iqbal has expressed dissatisfaction over poor implementation of minimum wages in readymade garment (RMG) industries.
LGRD Adviser Md Anwarul Iqbal has said that Bangladesh will strongly raise the issue of bringing back around 700 Bangladeshi criminals now hiding in India at the four-day SAARC home ministers-level meeting to be held in Delhi from October 23.
Anwarul Iqbal said the government went for the bulk import of fertiliser to meet emergency needs in the ensuing winter-crop cultivation.
Local government adviser M Anwarul Iqbal said on the day that the chief adviser was expected to address the nation after his return from China on Saturday.
Iqbal said the chief adviser addresses the nation occasionally.
people are denied the right to clean water and 2.
Iqbal has attended a number of training courses, seminars and workshops at home and abroad including Police Staff College, UK and UN Human Rights centre, Geneva.
Mr Iqbal is the pioneer Director General of Rapid Action Battalion Forces and since the first day of the formation of RAB he is serving with great dynamism and leadership.
Citing the series of cyber attacks in 2007 against the IT infrastructures of the Baltic country of Estonia, Iqbal said that over a period of three weeks, hackers attacked government Websites and computers at the office of the President of Estonia, parliament, many government ministries, several political parties, three news agencies and two major banks.
Adviser to the Caretaker Government Anwarul Iqbal said all round development of the south-western region of the country is a must to weed out underground parties in the region once and for all.
Anwarul Iqbal said the government has waged a crusade against unbridled corruption and all sorts of crimes.
Labour and Employment Adviser Mohammad Anwarul Iqbal was the chief guest at the inaugural session, chaired by joint secretary of Labour and Employment Ministry ABM Abdus Sattar.
Addressing the seminar, adviser Anwarul Iqbal said the government was strongly committed to stopping child labour, both nationally and internationally.
Anwarul Iqbal said the constitution of the country, international charter on children's right and the ILO convention always discouraged child labour.
Labour and Employment Adviser M Anwarul Iqbal has said Bangladesh is working to create labour-friendly atmosphere keeping pace with the policy of International Labour Organisation (ILO), reports BSS.
Iqbal said an independent local-government commission is going to be constituted soon to address the issues related to local government.
Adviser (minister) M Anwarul Iqbal said the newly elected government will take office in seven days through a gazette publication.
Describing the textile industry as the most vital sector in empowering the country’s women, Anwarul Iqbal said this sector provides jobs to five million people of which 80 percent are women.
Anwarul Iqbal said state of art technology is replacing the old ones in the textile and clothing sectors, boosting productivity, improving quality and increasing cost effectiveness.