CA for Communications Ghulam Quader of Bangladesh

Echoing the same argument on Sunday Ghulam Quader said process of release of Begum Khaleda Zia is at final stage and she would be released very soon without any condition.
When asked about government sponsored dialogue between government and BNP, Quader said BNP will also have to inform the government about when the party wants to sit with the government.
Quader had earlier this week said Dhaka-Kolkata train service would resume within three months.
Asked if detained Hasina and Khaleda would join the dialogue as demanded by their parties, Quader said it is a legal question to decide whether or not they would participate.
Gen Quader said a fresh proposal was sent to New Delhi with the hope that they would agree to it.
Quader said Hyundai is responsible for the design and construction of the bridge.
Ghulam QuaderBangladesh Communications Adviser Ghulam Quader said that the election will be held on December 18th though the re-demarcations of constituencies have not been resolved yet.
Quader was participating in a BBC sponsored discussion, called 'BBC Sangalp', in which other speakers too urged the government to act, The Daily Star said Sunday.
com) – Adviser Ghulam Quader is hopeful that the election on Dec 29 will be transparent and credible.
Newly come advisor Major general (ret) Golam Quader said his fist day to Ekushey tv , Amami Leagues demand to election on June-July is imaginary, unreal.
Quader was participating in a BBC sponsored discussion, called “BBC Sangalpâ€‌, in which other speakers too urged the government to act, The Daily Star said yesterday.
Staff CorrespondentHousing and public works adviser Ghulam Quader said on Monday that the government would consider conditions that might be insisted upon by the political parties for the proposed dialogues, if they were not impractical or illogical.
We will positively look into the conditions if placed by the political parties before the dialoguesThey are not our opponents, Quader said in response to reporters queries after a meeting with the senior officials of the public works ministry and the Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha.
The military backed government's Communications Adviser Ghulam Quader said Bangladesh resented the allegation that the banned Islamist HuJI was behind the July 26 serial bombings in Ahmedabad in which at least 51 people were killed.
The government is preparing an integrated multi-modal transport policy by incorporating highway, railway, inland waterway and airway into a unique system to develop a cost-effective and sustainable transport system, communication adviser Ghulam Quader said on Sunday.
It will be a fair election,” Ghulam Quader said when a reporter pointed out an allegation that the government is going to hold a farcical election.
Refuting a complaint of AL presidium members that the chief adviser (CA) does not remain present all through the dialogue sessions, Ghulam Quader said the CA attends main discussions for over an hour.
Commenting on the victory of Grand Alliance in the December 29 polls, Ghulam Quader said such a win was not that easy, rather it was a very tough one.
When asked why the Chief Adviser was silent about the demand of the release of BNP chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia and Awami League president Sheikh Hasina in his Monday's address, Ghulam Quader said that the political parties could raise all the issues at the dialogue for solution.
On why the Chief Adviser did not mention the issue of price hike of essential commodities in his speech, Adviser Ghulam Quader said that there is nothing special to say about it because the prices cannot be decreased any more.
Local government adviser Anwarul Iqbal and communications adviser Ghulam Quader said Monday's polls proved that holding fair elections was very much possible even under emergency.