CA for Commerce Hossain Zillur Rahman of Bangladesh

Hossain Zillur Rahman is an academic, economist and policy maker from Bangladesh who worked as the Executive Chairman of the Power and Participation Research Centre (PPRC.
Hossain Zillur Rahman was appointed as an Advisor to the Caretaker government of Bangladesh that was established on 11 of January 2007.
If they think such dialogue is necessary to be held, they will have to take initiative and then the government will facilitate the dialogue, Commerce Adviser Hossain Zillur Rahman said at the secretariat after his recent return from USA visit on Thursday.
Commerce Adviser Hossain Zillur Rahman has hoped that BNP chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia and Awami League president Sheikh Hasina will hold talks with each other on different nation issues to reach a consensus in the greater interest of the country.
The government has decided to lift the state of emergency from December 17 with the approval of the president," Commerce Adviser Hossain Zillur Rahman said reading out an announcement during a press briefing at the PID conference room.
com) – Outgoing commerce and education adviser Hossain Zillur Rahman said the interim government has resolved problems during its tenure through dialogue with parties and at grass roots levels.
But) Zillur Rahman is one of the countrys senior most politician who has contributions to countrys all democratic campaigns since the 1952.
Awami league Acting President Zillur Rahman has said that it is becoming difficult to get Abdul Jalil back as the General Secretary of the party because of organizational complications.
Zillur Rahman said that Syed Ashraful Islam would continue to discharge the responsibilities as the Acting Secretary General until a decision is taken by the party.
Abdul Jalil refused to comment on what Zillur Rahman said about the post of party Secretary General.
Earlier in the evening, the panel led by commerce adviser Hossain Zillur Rahman had meeting with the BNP chief Khaleda Zia who gave the interim government and the Election Commission 48 hours time, ending this evening, to accept the alliances four-point demands, if BNP is to join the polls.
A government delegation will visit shrimp farms and processing plants on May 15, based on a recent report by a US labour organisation, commerce adviser Hossain Zillur Rahman said Friday, reports bdnews24.
Hossain Zillur Rahman said Friday, reports bdnews24.
Briefing newsmen, Hossain Zillur Rahman said although the demand for delaying the polls came at the eleventh hour, the government in consultation with the Election Commission put forth four specific proposals before the political camps in greater national interests.
Commerce Adviser Hossain Zillur Rahman says the country's military-backed interim government has decided to fully withdraw the emergency rule that has been in place since January last year.
Government minister Hossain Zillur Rahman said Wednesday the emergency will.
Commerce Adviser Hossain Zillur Rahman said the country's military-backed interim.
implementation of BNP's four point demands.
Adviser Hossain Zillur Rahman said Saturday the government would hold fresh dialogue with the political parties for "qualitative improvement of electoral environment and politics", reports bdnews24.
Apparently to dispel misgivings growing among the people over the coming poll, Commerce Adviser Dr Hossain Zillur Rahman said yesterday that the government was fully determined to hold the parliamentary (JS) election on December 18 in a free, fair and credible manner.
When the BNP chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia issued the statement on November 17 evening announcing the four-party alliance's participation to the polls basing on fulfilment of the four-point demands, Dr Hossain Zillur Rahman had welcomed the statement as a positive step towards election.