Permanent Representative to the UN, New York Ismat Jahan of Bangladesh

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Ismat Jahan was born in 1966 at Faridpur.
A career diplomat from 1982 batch of Bangladesh civil service cadre, Ismat Jahan had her honors and masters from the department of economics in the University of Dhaka.
A career diplomat of the 1982 batch of BCS (Foreign Affairs) cadre, Ismat Jahan had her education at.
Ambassador Ismat Jahan said Bangladesh remained committed to making progress in all spheres of social development in line with the Copenhagen objectives and Millennium Development Goals (MDGs.
Jahan said these resources were gained at a huge cost to the economy of Bangladesh and that releasing them back to Bangladesh would be a big help in the nation's ongoing national development efforts.
Jahan expressed her satisfaction over the recent establishment of an "intergovernmental working group on asset recovery" by the state parties of the Convention and the Stolen Asset Recovery initiative, which was jointly launched by the UN.
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Ismat Jahan has an MBA before becoming a professional photographer, she worked in a multinational company for three years as a Marketing Executive and another three years in an advertising agency as Client Service Supervisor.
A career diplomat of the 1982 batch of Bangladesh Civil Service (Foreign Affairs) cadre, Ismat Jahan had her education in the University of Dhaka with honours and masters degrees in economics.
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Ambassador Jahan said the price of food grains had surged to its record high, affecting the LDCs most disproportionately.
Ismat Jahan said agricultural productivity growth in LDCs had been slow and agricultural exports of LDCs, as share of their total exports, were declining dramatically.
Ismat Jahan said that according to the recent report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the projection for Bangladesh is ominous, to say the least.
Ismat Jahan expressed caution that climate change may trigger a large number of climate refugees through sea-level rise and other adverse weather events, particularly in many low-lying developing countries.
Jahan has been a member of the Bangladesh civil service since 1982, with various assignments in several wings of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, including South-East Asia and the Pacific, International Organizations, Americas and the Pacific, and West Asia, South Asia and Africa.