CA for Post and Telecommunications M. A. Malek of Bangladesh

Brig (retd) Malek said doctors should not forget they have become physicians studying on people's money.
Malek is best known in political circles for resigning in 1988 as George Bush's hand-picked deputy chairman for the Republican National Committee after the Post's Walter Pincus and Bob Woodward reported that 17 years earlier, Malek had, at Richard Nixon's request, counted the number of Jews then working for the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Malek has always insisted that he had nothing to do with that, that if he'd been asked to reassign two people based on their religious affiliation he would have refused, and that he only provided Haldeman the Jew-count (apparently a guess based on looking at surnames) after previously ignoring the request four times.
Although there was no evidence that Malek was himself an anti-Semite, the reminder that Malek had once helped enable an official act of anti-Semitism on Richard Nixon's part was enough to eject Malek from the RNC.
The year after that, Malek took on an official (though unpaid) role in Bush père's administration organizing an international summit.
Indeed, Foxman might have added, one mistake a penitent contributor to Jewish causes makes! Malek joined the board of the American-Israel Friendship Society, traveled to Israel, and in general made his admiration for the descendants of Abraham well-known.
Incidentally, Malek should know that Slate's "Sports Nut" column puts the number of Jews in Major League Baseball at 11—two fewer than Malek found 30 years ago at the BLS.
gnolia SphereStumbleUponCLOSEFred Malek is managing partner of the Washington Baseball Club, the investment group with the inside track on acquiring the Washington Nationals.
As you may have heard me point out once or twice—what the hell, nobody else besides Sally Jenkins and Marc Fisher of the Washington Post finds this particularly interesting, and Marc's overdue for a column—Malek was ordered by then-President Richard Nixon to count the number of Jews in the Bureau of Labor Statistics (because the Jews, of course, had formed a "cabal" bent on manipulating economic indicators to make Nixon's administration look like a failure.
Malek is not himself an anti-Semite, apparently; he is (or at least was) something worse: an opportunist willing, albeit reluctantly, to gratify the anti-Semitic impulses of his superior.
Malek has long insisted that he had nothing to do with that.
Ira Forman, executive director of the National Jewish Democratic Council, says I should lay off, too, noting that Malek has apologized.
Malek was merely ''carrying out the instructions of an individual who had some of those feelings.
Malek is the former Diane Cormier of Methuen.
retd) M A Malek said Tuesday that all fallow lands in the country should be brought under cultivation to boost food production.
Malek said around 15 percent children of the country are either physically or mentally challenged and they need special attention.
Malek said private-public partnership could be the best way to work in this field.
Special Assistant to the Chief Adviser for Social Welfare, and Post and Telecommunications MA Malek said this while exchanging views with the district level government officials, representatives of different professional bodies and elite of the Noakhali district Tuesday, reports BSS.
Malek said money allocated in the Annual Development Programme (ADP) should be used before the deadline.
ERICY | Quote | Chart | News | PowerRating -- The present government is very much pro-technology and cordial to adopting new technologies in the country for the welfare of its people, Chief Adviser?s Special Assistant Brig Gen (retd) MA Malek has said.