CA for Home Affairs M. A. Matin of Bangladesh

Since Matin has stated his position, it is for the people of Bangladesh to debate the issue and put the record straight.
The main demand of the people was the supremacy of the Bengali language, which Matin describes as the Bangladeshi language in East Pakistan.
M A Matin was probably one such reluctant army officer forced by circumstances to switch to the freedom fighters side.
But Matin has kept away from such pernicious issues.
MA Matin is a First class and List A cricketer from Bangladesh.
Adviser MA Matin says Awami League chief Sheikh Hasina will not be arrested until extortion charges are proved against her.
MA Matin said human trafficking is a serious crime that not only violates the dignity of the individual but also infringes on human rights.
The Home Adviser MA Matin said in the country, poverty, land fragmentation, floods and cyclones, landlessness and demand for dowry, push people to search for opportunities outside the county.
ZIA will run without radar unless a new one is installed by next year, Matin said in the letter.
report of possible attack on her in the Indian media.
com) — Home adviser MA Matin has said he believes the first task of the new government will be to instill confidence in the law-enforcing agencies.
Matin said massive preparation had been taken to hold the Ijtema, the second biggest Muslim gathering after the haj.
Asked if he thought there were no threats from JMB militants, Matin said militants are being arrested.
com) – Home adviser MA Matin has advised the new government to form a high powered committee along the lines of the National Coordination Committee to make the drive against corruption successful.
Party leaders declined to confirm the reports and government adviser M A Matin denied such a plan.
Temple of Bon Matin was begun around 1991 by drummer/singer Ed Wilcox and keyboardist John Mulvaney, after the collapse of Wilcox' first band The Tomahawk Kids (named in tribute to his hero, the sensational Alex Harvey - although, being 1990, they sounded more like Guadacanal Diary.
Sources in the commission said a group of officials led by the deputy director, Abul Kashem Fakir, launched the campaign and threatened “mass resignation” if Matin is not reinstated.
on sight if they come back in the country.
Matin said the task force under the National Coordination Committee is not going into action against the corruption suspects on its last published list at the moment as the government is overloaded with investigations and trials of those who had been on the previous lists.