CA for Civil Aviation and Tourism Mahbub Jamil of Bangladesh

Chief Adviser's (CA) Special Assistance Mahbub Jamil said waste reduce, reuse and recycle could create a "win-win situation" for all as it has potentiality to generate green jobs specially in recycling business, reports UNB.
Jamil said this is the first time that Biman microscopically scrutinizes the proposals by its own fleet committee and submits their recommendations to the Biman management.
According to report published in a national daily last week, Mr Jamil was quite confident that the national air carrier would not face shortage of traffic even though airlines worldwide were facing rough weather due to global recession.
Dhaka, December 28 : Special Assistant to the Chief Adviser incharge of Ministry of Industries, Civil Aviation & Tourism and Youth & Sports Mahbub Jamil said government has given highest priority to ICT Sector and took many initiatives for ICT development of the country.
Mahbub Jamil praised the role of BASIS in the development of ICT in the country.
Chief Advisor's Special Assistant for the Ministry of Tourism and Industry Mahbub Jamil was also present on the occasion.
Chief Advisor's Special Assistant for the Ministry of Tourism and Industry Mahbub Jamil was chief guest and ICC President Mahbubur Rahman was special guest at the function.
Civil Aviation Minister Mahbub Jamil said – BBC News.
A deal will be signed with Boeing by March 15 as we need the aircraft to maintain our flight schedule," Jamil said without giving further details.
Jamil said a chief executive may be hired from abroad once Biman goes into international partnership.
If the financial loss continues than the fertilizer factoriesmight stop productions, Mahbub Jamil said adding that theoutstanding gas bills of fertilizer factories maintained byBangladesh Chemical Industries Corporation (BCISC) stand at Tk 211crore.
Replying to a query the Mahbub Jamil said the Government hasdecided to set up two new fertilizer factories under public andprivate partnership to reduce dependence on fertilizer import.
Jamil said the Boeing plane purchases will be financed by the US Export-Import Bank and a syndicate of local banks.
We hope Biman will be able to fly in the sky with a new look by the next year," Jamil said at a news briefing at the civil aviation ministry.
Jamil said they were trying to make a deal for immediately taking lease of one Boeing 747-200 and a Boeing 747 for six months.
On further modernisation of Biman, Jamil said the company's Board of Directors discussed the matter in detail on March 3-9.
Replying to a query, Jamil said Biman flight on Dhaka-New York route would resume once the aircraft join the fleet.