CA for Science and Information and Communications Technology Manik Lal Samaddar of Bangladesh

Chief Adviser's Special Assistant for Fisheries and Livestock Manik Lal Samaddar said that the proposed 'National Guidelines on Shrimp' would be finalised within the next three months.
Indiscriminate use of pesticides on croplands and harmful fishing nets are responsible for extinction of many species of fresh water fishes to a great extent, Special Assistant to the Chief Adviser Manik Lal Samaddar said yesterday.
Terming ICT as an essential tool in this era of globalisation, Manik Lal Samaddar said it is playing an important role in generating employment, raising work skill and production.
Samaddar said the government is setting up a high-tech park on 232 acres of land at Kaliakoir in Gazipur with a view to flourishing the ICT sector.
Nevertheless, Samaddar said H5N1 infections were on the rise in Bangladesh.
Samaddar said a notification would be issued soon to this effect on the basis of the report of a committee formed in this regard.
Return of the bird flu threatGovernment takes action Special assistant to the country’s chief adviser Manik Lal Samaddar has declined to describe the situation as “alarming”, but he conceded at a press conference that the government was unable to address it alone: He called on poultry farmers to help tackle the problem.
Manik Lal Samaddar said the present caretaker government would finalize the guidelines.