CA for Finance and Planning Mirza Azizul Islam of Bangladesh

Mirza Azizul Islam said that an all-out agricultural rehabilitation plan and steps taken to expand trade and investment activities helped overcome the negative effects of the adverse situation as Boro rice output stood at 175 lakh tones.
The existing limit for tax-free income, tax rates, income slabs for individuals shall remain unchanged for the upcoming fiscal year,” Finance Adviser Dr Mirza Azizul Islam said in his budget speech Monday.
what extent stocks of goods would not be considered as hoarding.
Islam said all businesses have to ensure VAT registrations.
Finance Adviser Mirza Azizul Islam has said the price of coarse rice is now stable.
Finance adviser Mirza Azizul Islam has said the country?s media and academics lack clear understanding of the government?s policies, leading to understatement and misinterpretation of development and reform measures.
Staff Correspondent Finance adviser AB Mohammad Mirza Azizul Islam said Monday the unemployment rate did not increase as much as expected against the current economic backdrop.
Dr Mirza Azizul Islam has been appointed chairman of Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC.
Highlighting some of the major macroeconomic indicators, Dr Azizul Islam said the country's investment-GDP ratio was calculated at 24.
Finance Adviser Mirza Azizul Islam is seen at the 'capacity building programme on the role and responsibilities of the board members of SOEs of Bangladesh', organised by the BEI in partnership with Agrani Bank Ltd in the city Sunday.