CA for Primary and Mass Education Rasheda K. Chowdhury of Bangladesh

Since the charge was framed against detained former prime minister Sheikh Hasina in an extortion case, while framing charge against another detained former prime minister Khaleda Zia is now at the final stage, Adviser Rasheda K Chowdhury was asked how she viewed the trial of two former women prime ministers being a woman.
Matiur Rahman Chowdhury has more on the story.
Adviser Rasheda K Chowdhury said BDI must keep in mind that academic researches should be objective and have connection with the practitioners.
Primary and Mass Education Adviser Rasheda K Chowdhury said special projects will have to be taken to ensure education for all and reach the target of Millennium Development Goal (MDG) by 2015.
Chowdhury said as Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD) disclosed the finding at a seminar late on Saturday.
Chowdhury said all political parties should declare their plans for tackling gender violence as the country was set to go to the polls in December this year, ending a two-year emergency rule.
Adviser to the caretaker government Rasheda K Chowdhury was present as chief guest and handed over the awards to the recipients.
All pry schools will be brought under IT facility, says Advisor Our Correspondent RANGAMATI, Nov 09: Primary and Mass Education advisor Rasheda K Chowdhury said the education of the children first begin at a family and then at the educational institutions.
Rasheda K Chowdhury said this while addressing an inauguration ceremony of a function titled "Release of Demo Version of Multmedia Educational Software for Primary Level" that organised jointly by CHT Development Board and Ananda Multi-media, held yesterday at the CHTDB auditorium.
The government wants to see the NGOs as its development associates, but it is unfortunate that some quarters term such partnership with the government as 'NGOisation', Primary and Mass Education Adviser Rasheda K Chowdhury said yesterday.
Nobody said it was 'donorisation', but now when we are implementing a home-grown model, a quarter is opposing it,” Rasheda K Chowdhury said while addressing the inaugural ceremony of Brac Development Institute of Brac University at Brac Centre Inn in the city.
FE ReportAdvisor to the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education Rasheda K Chowdhury said Wednesday achieving the country's Millenium Development Goal (MDG) on universal primary education (UPE) is possible with proper collaboration between the public and private sectors.
Rasheda K Chowdhury said that there were still an inequity in the progress made in this sector between different districts and regions.
In the closing session, Advisor of present Caretaker Government on Primary and Mass Education, Women and Children Affairs and Cultural Affairs Ms Raseda K Chowdhury said that government have taken steps for protecting the rights of indigenous peoples.
Director and Director Research of BRAC.