Governor, Bangladesh Bank Salehuddin Ahmed of Bangladesh

to the end of June could exceed 7.
Ahmed said the RMG exporters should examine the financial position along with rating reports of importers concerned when they place orders for shipments.
Salehuddin Ahmed said Friday the central bank was not thinking of readjusting the Bangladesh Taka (BDT) against the US Dollar.
Dr Fakhruddin Ahmed said apart from the unskilled, many skilled Bangladeshi workers like doctors and engineers were also working in Saudi Arabia with dignity and handsome salaries.
As a Fulbright scholar, Ahmed is studying as well as teaching.
As the chair of the Global Partnership, an alliance for effective NGOs that includes SIT, Ahmed has been visiting SIT for several years, and has occasionally lectured in the PIM program.
Turning to the macro-economy, Ahmed said in the first week of January the BB will make an advance policy statement on the steps it will undertake in the coming months so that both the public and the private sector can adjust themselves accordingly.
Emphasising curbs on inflation as a major challenge, Ahmed said his office was trying to bring it to below 7 percent.
The possibility of a single currency and a regional specific fund however, requires policy co-ordination by individual governments, Governor Salehuddin Ahmed said at the end of SAARC finance ministers meetings here.
One year back, when Dr Salehuddin Ahmed took over as the 9th governor of the Bangladesh Bank on May 2, 2005, he set macroeconomic stability as his top agenda.
Bangladesh Bank governor Salehuddin Ahmed has suggested that businesses should explore alternative financing instruments like hedge fund to minimise investment risks and stave off shocks from commodity market volatility and other adversities.
as the Managing Director on June 1, 2005.
In his welcome speech, AmCham President Syed Ershad Ahmed said due to the outdated Foreign Exchange Regulatory Act, entrepreneurs are struggling to do business, especially in international trade.
Bangladesh Bank Governor Salehuddin Ahmed has assured businesses of taking initiative to encourage developing a mechanism for mitigating the risk of volatility in commodity prices.