Deputy Prime Minister Freundel Stuart of Barbados

At the top of the list, Stuart was singled out as a man who was deeply opposed to Thompson during the election campaign.
Stuart was opposed to thompson he itemised his reasons for his oposition in his manifesto when he was runnig for presidency of the party.
Attorney-General and Minister of Home Affairs, Freundel Stuart is pledging that the Government will do all in its power to give firefighters the best working environment.
Stuart said efforts were underway to improve the physical conditions where fire officers worked and the terms and conditions of their services.
Freundel Stuart was in attendance.
meeting in Independence Square, Bridgetown.
Attorney-General and Minister of Home Affairs Freundel Stuart expressed such interest when representatives of the Interpol DVI Steering Group paid a courtesy call on him today.
yesterday, Stuart said that this meant Barbadians should be sensitive to the less fortunate and what they have to go through, instead of being glad at their circumstances.
Stuart said that it was unfair that these persons still had to be punished after officially serving their punishment and he called on employers to let go of this “once a criminal, always a criminal attitude” and give these persons a chance to make a better life for themselves.
Stuart said that the mothers and children are the family members who suffer the most.
Freundel Stuart was Deputy Leader of the Democratic Labour Party and Shadow Attorney General.
Attorney General Freundel Stuart said that the new rules are intended to introduce a new culture of litigation where most of the work is required to be done upfront and that the likelihood of more matters being settled is strong.
He also spoke of the delays in by which civil cases are dealt with and Stuart said that these delays often result from the fact that timelines contained in the rules were not observed or that complaining clients had not paid the fees or that the co-operation of the lawyer on the other side could not for a variety of reasons be secured.
Attorney General Freundel Stuart says the islands education system needs to be targeted with intervention programmes to tackle deviance among youth.
The Attorney General Stuart says he has asked the criminal records rehabilitation board to carefully re-examine the legislation to see how it can be further improved to ensure criminals can be fully re-absorbed into society.
Mr Stuart says thousands of criminal deportees from the United States and the United Kingdom have stretched the justice system to the limit in Kingston His comments come following his participation in Guyana last week of a national security minister's conference of the region.
Mr Stuart says there's a serious crisis of crime in the region, but notes that Barbados has been fortunate so far to escape its wrath.
Noting that the international authorities evaluated human rights by prison status and the treatment of inmates, Stuart said that physical conditions must be congenial for prisoner rehabilitation, which was the focus of incarceration in order to have them reintegrated into the wider society on release.
Freundel Stuart is a sitting Senator of the Democratic Labour Party and the Candidate for St.
Freundel Stuart has for several years been a stalwart of the Democratic Labour Party and has served in many capacities including that of President.
Freundel Stuart is a man of the people.
ATTORNEY-GENERAL Freundel Stuart has criticised the quality of reports presented by commissions of inquiry.
Speaking after a near three-hour tour at HMS Prison Dodds in St Philip yesterday, Stuart said he received the report on the Glendairy fires a week ago, and would make a report to the country and lay it in Parliament "in the fullness of time.
When quizzed as to whether the report would catch dust or the recommendations be implemented, Stuart said he didn't blame governments for not acting on the reports because a number of them he had seen were "rubbish.
Steering clear of the Glendairy report, which he was studying, Stuart said when he was finished he would make a comment as to whether the money spent on it was justified, and if the findings deserved any serious attention from him.
Stuart says the aim is to have this modern facility kept in an excellent condition for when its handed over in 2033, under the BOLT arrangement.