Minister of Trade Aleksandr Ivankov of Belarus

Ivankov has done a lot for artistic gymnastics and the country in general and I cannot call him a failure.
The leader of the team Ivan Ivankov came in second in the individual all-round finals and claimed bronze in the parallel bars event.
Even as a child, Ivankov was said to be fearless: a friend once told a reporter that Ivankov had run around Moscow tearing down posters of Stalin, a crime then punishable by a long term in the gulag.
According to media accounts, Ivankov was formally elected a Vor-e-Zakon by other convicts during a stay in Moscow's dank Butyrskaya prison, in 1978.
Ivankov was later sentenced to 9 1/2 years in prison.
two Russian-born Wall Street stockbrokers.
Ivankov is a smart guy with great life experience," Major Sirotkin said.
Federal agencies are concerned about "reports that Ivankov was sent over to coordinate activities between gangsters in Russia and all of North America," said Joel Campanella, an intelligence agent with the United States Customs Service assigned to Russian organized-crime investigations.
law-enforcement official working in Moscow, speaking on condition that he not be identified, said Ivankov has threatened the lives of FBI agents and Russian police.
Ivankov is wanted for questioning here in connection with the slaying of a Turkish man during a quarrel in a Moscow restaurant in the early 1990s.
Ivankov was arrested a few days later.
Bulgaria goalkeeper Dimitar Ivankov denied Belarus only scoring chance in the first half, punching a header from Vitali Kutuzov over the bar in the 21st.
Aleksandr Ivankov was interested to know more about the role of road transport inspectorate in the field of traffic safety, and in the tasks, functions and administration issues.
There would be no way back for the visitors, although Ivankov was tested by a header from substitute Vitali Kutuzov midway through the second period.