Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Martynov of Belarus

For his part, Belarusian Foreign Minister Sergey Martynov said that his visit to Iran was aimed at bolstering the two countries' economic exchanges and increasing Tehran-Minsk economic ties.
Foreign Minister of Belarus Sergey Martynov said here on Tuesday that the unipolar system of the world has eemingly failed.
For his part, Martynov said that Irans nuclear issue should be solved through talks, recommending the US and Europe to pursue the same path.
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Representatives of the National Assembly.
in the work of the General Assembly Session.
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Sergey Martynov is convinced of the necessity and possibility to retain the principles of independence of Belarus and Russia when creating the Union State.
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Sergey Martynov has admitted the relations between Belarus and the European Union and Belarus and the United States as complicated.
Belarus is stepping up talks on the WTO (World Trade Organization) accession, but is not going to accept the conditions that Kyrgyzstan, Armenia and Moldova had agreed to, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Sergey Martynov said when delivering a lecture at Belarusian State University.
It is an act of confrontation - with every one and each one who dares to have an independent opinion, who has the courage to pursue an independent foreign policy,” Sergei Martynov said and added that tomorrow belonged to the positive ideas and actions, to cooperation for peace in the common interest of the entire international community.
Mphalwa, Dr Pallo Jordan and Mosioua Lekota.
South Africa on Wednesday 30 August 2006.
Martynov said the consultations had, however, revealed that delegations needed more time to analyse in depth the new opportunities and to explore specific ways of their application.
Martynov said the Conference was already in the middle of the year 2000 with not even a programme of work agreed, not to speak of any agreement on substance of issues before the Conference.
Martynov said the proposal continued to be at the disposal of the Conference.
Martynov said that the important meeting of minds within the Conference on priority issues and issues upon which the consensual establishment of the programme of work hinged had yet to occur.
Martynov said that he would propose to extend the mandate of the President of the Conference to eight working weeks instead of four working weeks as it was now.
President MARTYNOV said the proposal continued to be at the disposal of the Conference.
While in South Africa, Minister Martynov is also expected to hold discussions with Ministers Mandisi Mpahlwa, Dr Pallo Jordan and Mosioua Lekota.
Minister Martynov is expected to depart from South Africa on Wednesday, 30 August 2006.
Minister Martynov is scheduled to meet Defence Minister Mosiuoa Lekota, Trade and Industry Minister Mandisi Mphalwa as well as members of the South African business community, well into Monday evening.
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Mr Martynov said the visit had passed a thorough and long arrangement.
Mr Martynov took part in congress "NATO and Partnership for Peace: the way to XXI century" held in mid-May And two weeks later he attended a session of the North Atlantic Alliance Council in Luxembourg where he had a separate meeting with Nato's deputy secretary-general and, as he said, a brief talk with Javier Solana who acknowledged his intention to arrive in Belarus.
Martynov described the IAEA Chief Mohammad ElBaradei's report on Iran's nuclear program as 'positive' and denounced US claims that the world is united against Iran on the issue.
In a message to his Iranian counterpart, Manouchehr Mottaki, Sergey Martynov praised the strong ties between Iran and Belarus, which he maintained are based on friendship and mutual respect.
Martynov is not among the 41 officials, including Lukashenka, barred from the EU and the United States.
MOSCOW — Russia and Belarus's foreign ministers Sergey Lavrov and Sergey Martynov discussed today the agenda of the meeting between two countries' Presidents, Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko, scheduled for April 2005 in Sochi.
Martynov said that economies of Turkey and Belarus were completing each other; they were not competing.
Martynov said that there were projects worth of 24-26 billion USD in Belarus in 2008-2012 period; and welcomed the will of Turkish investors and contractors to participate in those projects.
Following the audience, Martynov met with Turkish State Minister Kursad Tuzmen.