King ALBERT Ii of Belgium

Albert II has tried to improve things by insisting, since the beginning of his reign in 1993, on the many "riches" of a multicultural and federal state.
Albert II came to the crown aged 59 following the death of his brother Baudouin and was previously best known for his motorcycle and his villa in the south of France.
After the failure of Leterme, whose style bothered Walloons, Albert II is hoping that another Flemish Christian-Democrat he has called on, Herman Van Rompuy, can finally accommodate all parties and help unite his country.
MJ 250th Issue – Marine Construction - By David FoxwellMaritime Journal, UK - Speaking in December, Prince Albert II said Monaco had been forced to drop plans to build a huge artificial peninsula, which had been compared to Dubai's.
On the personal side, King Albert II is an ardent fan of fast motorcycle driving (sometimes halted but not charged by highway police.
2 pages Albert II has succeeded to the throne of Belgium following the death of his brother, King Baudouin.
King Albert II is an ardent fan of fast motorcycle driving (sometimes halted but not charged by highway police.
Prince Albert II was named in Monaco on June 3, 2008, following a multi-million-dollar renovation at the Fincantieri shipyard in Trieste.
Christened by namesake Prince Albert on June 12 in Monaco, Prince Albert II is a Lloyd's Register 1A ice-rated vessel.
From the moment I stepped on board, Prince Albert II had a cozy, homelike feel.
The Prince Albert II is a true luxury vessel with a privileged clientele that is attracted by cultural and authentic travel experiences.
Albert II is the name of several monarchs: Albert II (1240-1314), Margrave of Meissen Albert II (d.
Iris albertii is a species of iris found in Russia and Central Asia.
King Albert II was born in Brussels, at the Chateau of Stuyvenberg, on 6 June 1934.
The Silversea's Prince Albert II is a cruise like no other.
SOUTH POLE : Monaco's Prince Albert II has reached the South Pole after a two-day-long cross-country ski trip across Antarctica, fraught by wind and fog.
PUNTA ARENAS, Chile : Monaco's Prince Albert II was leaving behind the sunny shores of the Riviera for some of the planet's coldest reaches on Monday in a voyage to the South Pole to raise awareness about.