Minister of Migration and Asylum Policy Annemie Turtelboom of Belgium

Annemie Turtelboom is Belgiums minister ofmigration.
Ms Turtelboom has admitted that with the new system comes a certain risk, considering the possibility that families awaiting deportation may abscond.
Regarding the assignment of coaches, Ms Turtelboom has said they will have an essential role.
This announcement by Ms Turtelboom has come as a surprise to many Belgian NGOs.
families awaiting removal may abscond.
said, “they will have an essential role.
Belgian Minister for Migration and Asylum Policy Annemie Turtelboom has announced that 760 000 registered foreign adults living in Belgium are now entitled to apply for electronic identity cards, which come in two varieties: for EU and non-EU citizens.
2 July 2008BELGIUM - The Belgian Migration Minister Annemie Turtelboom has announced the creation of a new Economic Migration Department.
Turtelboom says that the new department should address this problem.
The Flemish iberal Annemie Turtelboom is the new Asylum and Migration Minister while Vincent Van Quickenborne became Economy Minister.
Minister Turtelboom is the highest official of the Belgian Government to participate in an event of the Lady Ambassadors group, since its creation a few years back.
Minister Turtelboom was likewise able to share her views on other important migration issues that the lady ambassadors were keen on, such as the naturalization process (of individual member-states), integration of migrant communities, family reunification, measuring educational equivalency for highly-skilled migrant workers, circular migration arrangements, the “brain drain” effect, and contribution of overseas remittances.