Vice Prime Minister Didier Reynders of Belgium

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A lawyer who has held top jobs in Belgian industry and politics, Reynders is president of the Euro 12--the regular gathering of EU finance ministers.
Didier Reynders is a Belgian politician and a member of the Mouvement Réformateur (MR.
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Didier REYNDERS was born in Lige on August 6, 1958.
Didier Reynders is zonder twijfel de Belgische politicus met de meeste cool.
Finance minister Didier Reynders said Leterme's return would be "very difficult.
Earlier in the day, Finance Minister Didier Reynders said Prime Minister Yves Leterme was also considering stepping down from his post after just nine months in office.
It's not easy," Reynders said about Leterme's position.
Wednesday evening, Didier Reynders was invited for an interview organized by the Walloon public television station RTBf and the magazine Le Vif/L'Express.
They do not always realize that they are putting a knife on their own throats while there's a scout [i.
It would be interesting to know whether Didier Reynders is prepared to denounce own party and his own people to become the next Prime Minister of Belgium.
What Reynders said about Leterme is partly correct.
Finance minister Didier Reynders says it is feasible for Belgium to offer the country’s difficult-to-collect tax receivables as an investment product on the financial markets on a regular basis to help meet its fiscal goals.
Reynders says the first securitization will raise about $340 million and will require that an additional $52 million be invested to improve the government’s ability to collect the debt.
Reynders said that he would voluntarily accept this task if a consensus in the eurogroup would be reached.
Reynders is backed by France but his open criticism of the ECB during his presidency of the eurogroup in 2001 could alarm the Germans, says Le Monde.
In Belgium, Mr Reynders is president of the Mouvement Réformateur, the largest Francophone party in the country.
Reynders is the euro zones official voice.
Reynders says Europe should be confident, but adds: Theres a problem.
Reynders turned to Belgium, where he says 3 percent is possible.
BRUSSELS, Aug 27 (Reuters) - Belgium's government has decided that Didier Bellens can extend his contract as head of Belgacom if he accepts new terms including lower pay, Belgian Finance Minister Didier Reynders said on Wednesday.
Many of the comments from Europe have focussed on the dollar, but Reynders said the Chinese yuan was posing an even bigger problem.
Deutsch (de)English (en)franais (fr)E-mailPrintFocusBoard of GovernorsDidier Reynders, Governor for BelgiumDate:12/07/1999Mr Didier Reynders was appointed Belgium's Finance Minister on 12 July 1999.
In 1995, Mr Reynders was elected President of the PRL-FDF Group (Liberal Reform Party) in the Chamber, President of the MR Provincial Federation and Head of the PRL Group on the Municipal Council of the City of Lige.
Mr Reynders was President of the MR Lige Arrondissment from 1995 to 2004 and has been President of the MR since 11 October 2004.
Mr Reynders was born on 6 August 1958 in Lige.
Speaking in an interview with French radio station France Inter, Reynders said such a move would help devise coordinated, and thus more powerful, answers to any economic slowdown.
Reynders said he doesn't believe an overall cut of the value-added tax rate would help weather the current economic slowdown, but said he was in favor in a VAT cut for specific segments, such as labor-intensive industries, for example restaurants and hotels.
crisis spreads to banks across the globe.
under new Prime Minister Herman Van Rompuy.