Minister of Human Development Eden Martinez of Belize

Anthony 'Boots' Martinez is the Minister of Works.
Martinez said that there is indeed much work to be done, as he celebrated the induction of what he described as a robust and empowered National Womens Commission.
Pablo Marin is to serve as the Minister of Health and Gabriel Martinez is the new Minister of Labour, Local Government and Rural Development.
In the meantime, Martinez says he’s counting on the youth vote to give him the edge.
Minister Martinez says they will focus on educating women of the country and to work with the organizations that will focus on womens development.
I did not mean to," Matt Martinez said Monday in a written statement.
Martinez was alone with the baby at their home in the 900 block of East 36th Street when she stopped breathing Sunday night, reports said.
Martinez remained jailed Tuesday night in lieu of $500,000 bond.
Martinez has refuted Espat’s claim and said that only $272,000.
Minister Martinez said he was pleased to introduce to the people of Toledo the Venezuela Ambassador to Belize.
Martinez said he speaks from authoritative information when he accuses the previous (Musa) government of neglecting the people.
Peter Eden Martinez is a distinguished educator and public servant.