Minister of Labor Gabriel Martinez of Belize

Martinez was a Pew Fellowship in the Arts recipient in 2001 and was a Joan Mitchell Foundation Fellowship recipient in 2003.
Martinez has been an artist-in-residence at both the Fabric Workshop and Museum and at the Rosenbach Museum and Library, both in Philadelphia.
Martinez turned professional in December 1997 in Ituzaingo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
County Sheriff's Department, Martinez was involved in a fight with two men.
Gabriel Martinez was sentenced in Fargo on Friday on federal murder and drug conspiracy charges.
His attorneys argued that Martinez was only following orders of a drug cartel whose motto was "kill or be killed," and said he tried to force Avila out of the trailer home and away from the children.
Martinez was one of five people convicted in Avila's killing.
Martinez is Assistant Professor of Economics and Chairman of the Department.
Gabriel Martinez is the owner/operator of the Challenge Fitness Custom Fighting Aerobics Martial Arts School in San Antonio, Texas.
under Article 15 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, 10 USC.
threat in order to help Captain Martinez’s ex-wife in a custody fight.
him and was ordered to forfeit two months’ pay.
transferred to the Army Reserve Control Group.
acts that were the subject of the Article 15 proceeding and that Mrs.
the United States Army Reserve on March 25, 1997.
brought in the Court of Federal Claims.
Gabriel Martinez has no images online.
Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics Safety System.
Gabriel Martinez is a member of Nikon D80 Users.
Martinez lives and works in Philadelphia, PA.
active member of any Launchpad teams.