Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega of Belize

But Vega says the Ministry has been working.
Vega says he is glad for the help.
The United Democratic Party held its National Convention yesterday in San Ignacio Town, Cayo.
Gasper Vega was elected as the new first deputy party leader.
extent for the shutdown, Vega has made no mention of the situation.
That source claims that Vega was firmly in the running for the position based on his financial standing and the money he has pumped into the UDP.
Or it could have been when Vega was asked about the economic strategy of the UDP if they are elected.
In a recording caught on tape, Vega says that while Esquivel was in office his policies were causing the Belizean people to starve.
Gaspar "Gapi" Vega is the 1st Deputy Leader of the United Democratic Party.
On the environment side of his portfolio, Vega has not been shy about taking action against reckless developers, particularly in areas under official protection.
During his absence, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment, Honourable Gaspar Vega is acting as Prime Minister.
Gaspar Vega1st Deputy Leader-Standard Bearer for Orange Walk North Gaspar "Gapi" Vega is a successful businessman who is deeply committed to grassroots activities in his community.
Vega said that, “ This government will ensure that the Belize Barrier Reef lives on for generations to come, and like you rightly pointed out, sometimes we, the politicians, lack the political will to ensure the well being of the reef but we will do all that is possible to ensure marine sustainability and a healthier reef.
Our call to Minister Vega was not returned.
Vega has been in office for only 11 months, following the landslide victory in Belize’s February 2008 general election of the United Democratic Party (UDP), led by the veteran Belizean politician Dean Barrow, who has become prime minister.