Minister of Culture Marcel Cardona of Belize

Belize Minister Detained in Mexico:Originally Posted By: LoveFMBELIZE'S MINSTER DETAINED IN CHETUMALSeptember 17, 2008Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports Marcel Cardona is getting bad press in Chetumal Quintana Roo following a traffic incident in Chetumal on Monday morning.
Cardona was accompanied by his wife and another person identified as Roy Briceño, an aspiring U.
nothing about the major undertaking within his own ministry.
apprised of the situation, which has been under discussion for almost 8 months.
compensated for any work which he has already done at the site.
Marcel Cardona was in that meeting, he must have indicated to you all to terminate with extreme prejudice.
Cardona said that out of respect for the Prime Minister, he complied, even though he did not really know Haylock personally and had only seen her at party functions.
Today, however, another member of Cabinet, Transport Minister Melvin Hulse, said on the same talk show that it was a Cabinet decision to give Haylock the post, and not a unilateral decision by the Prime Minister, as Cardona had indicated.
Cardona took some heat for making that bold declaration on the airwaves on Tuesday morning, and he was advised to publicly retract that statement.
In todays press release, Minister Cardona takes direct aim at NICH president, Diane Haylock, who, he said, unilaterally issued the concession to Gegg, without even consulting with her board and without consulting the Ministry or Cabinet on what he describes as a major policy decision.
com BELIZE CITY, Belize: Belize's Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport Marcel Cardona was in police detention in the border city of Chetumal, Quintana Roo on Monday morning.
Cardona was detained around 2 am local time on Monday following a traffic accident at the intersection of Avenida Heroes and San Salvador in Chetumal.
Cardona says Government is seeking a legal opinion as to the validity of the contract, but in his opinion, everyone should have equal access to a business at the archaeological site and the only way to ensure that happens is if NICH is the operator.
Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture Marcel Cardona is making headlines in tonight’s newscast, thanks to an early morning excursion to Chetumal which almost ended with him behind bars.
We understand that when Cardona was detained, he informed the Police that he was a high ranking Minister with immunity and could not be detained.
According to our sources in the media, as he was leaving Cardona said – and I quote “Esto es UN insult frijolero, pero a Chetumal nunca vuelvo.
Viewers will recall that just prior to elections, Marcel Cardona was arrested by Police and charged for a mischievous act after he tried to break up a PUP political meeting in Orange Walk Town.
We also note that just about a month ago, Minister Cardona was caught in an altercation with a Mexican Immigration Officer across the border.
While reports indicate that Minister Cardona was under the influence of alcohol, CTV-3 has been unable to get confirmation before news time.
Cardona is hopping mad over an agreement entered into between Haylock and David Gegg, owner of Cruise Solutions Ltd.
Cardona has to walk on eggshells around her as she was Prime Minister Hon.
Cardona has the political clout to disregard his Prime Ministers wishes or if he will be the first Cabinet casualty in the UDP administration.
A source close to the minister said that Cardona is under pressure to ensure that Haylock resigns her positions both at NICH and as a member of the Belize negotiating team.
Marcel Cardona is a legally trained Attorney-at-Law and is currently practicing on his own.
Belize's Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport Marcel Cardona was in police detention in the border city of Chetumal, Quintana Roo on Monday morning.