Ambassador to the US Nestor Mendez of Belize

Upon taking up the chairmanship, Ambassador Mendez had pledged to highlight Climate Change and it is with that in mind that this week is being observed as the first ever Green Week in the Organization of American States.
Ambassador Mendez says that while they do hope that many other organizations will take similar actions to promote climate change, it is the hope that the green week will be recognized and carried through.
Recalling that Belize had joined the OAS in 1991, Mendez said Belize’s delegation has witnessed and has been part of the hemispheric organization’s natural evolution into a twenty-first century multilateral organization that has, at the same time, always remained relevant to the needs of its member states.
Nestor Mendez has taken the post of minister-counselor/deputy chief mission.
Mendez was counselor of Belize High Commission in London from 1997-1999.
Saying his country Belize is grateful for this OAS contribution and for the expressions of solidarity and support, Ambassador Mendez described this latest hemispheric gesture as “again, a very clear signal to US that the OAS responds to the needs of its member states, within the realm of its capabilities.
Mendez said the OAS money would be sent to the Belize National Emergency Management Organization, to help cover costs involved in recovery and rebuilding.
Mendez had 707 votes against San Jose's 633.