Minister of Education Patrick Faber of Belize

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This morning at the Cahal Pech Room, Radisson Fort George Hotel, flanked by his most senior public officers and the top executives of the Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU), the Minister of Education, Hon.
Faber said in responding to a query on whether parents were informed before the start of the school year, as it is currently the most expensive bus run for the Ministry, at $2,000 per week.
Faber said he was very pleased and very appreciative of the work on behalf of education that Dr.
Robateau addressed the audience on the subject of the Caribbean Centre for Excellence in Teacher Training (C-CETT), which has been established to further the aims which Minister Faber had described.
As an opposition member of the House of Representatives, Patrick Faber was known for his outspoken opinions and occasional brushes with authority.
Faber said government is doing its part, but the effort needs to come from everyone.
In his speech opening Education Week, Education Minister Faber said government also was looking for ways to help third and fourth form students who have trouble meeting the financial expenses for the CXC exams.
Minister Faber said his Ministry would be instituting changes to make school systems more efficient.
Minister Faber has also appointed a new National Council for Education, and announced new criteria for the Teacher of the Year Award.
Patrick Faber is the youngest sitting member of the House of Representatives.
Faber is a distinguished politician, a youth leader, an active member of his church congregation, a teacher, a counselor, and an advocate for youth and education.
Faber is deputy principal and teacher at the Anglican Cathedral College and a member of the Board of Directors for the Anglican Management in Belize.