Premier Alex Scott of Bermuda

Alex Scott was an inspiration to so many, while battling cancer she succeeded in raising awareness and money nationwide to fight pediatric cancer.
Alex Scott had his artdebutFriday, October 12, 2007 at Helio in Santa Monica.
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In addition to asking “Do you approve of the way Alex Scott is handling his job as Premier?”, the poll also asks “What is your overall opinion of Alex Scott.
The thing that troubles me about this, though, is that I don’t think that most people have any idea what Alex Scott is like as a person.
Scott is up 10% in job approval and 5% in favourability.
Two days before her 1st birthday, Alexandra (“Alex”) Scott was diagnosed with an aggressive form of childhood cancer.
Alex Scott was gone, but her lemonade stand and her dream lived on.
Alex Scott has tried to find a sound unlike any other in the music industry combining Rock N' Roll with Blues, New Age Rock, Metal and even a bit of Country to get a unique style of playing and unique style of sound.
Alex Scott is a musician who is dedicated to his own work.
Robert (Alex) Scott was born in Liverpool on 29th October 1913.
Scott was signed by Major Frank Buckley, the manager of Wolverhampton Wanderers, in 1935 for a fee of 1,250.
After the war Scott joined Crewe Alexandra and in the 1947-48 season played 44 league games for the club.
I worried that if Alex only raised a few dollars and she would be disappointed," Liz Scott said during a lemonade sale in 2002.