Minister of Housing, Works, and Engineering Ashfield Devent of Bermuda

Minister deVent takes the red pill.
There are some things Government is very good at - urine extraction for example.
In an effort to conserve water, Minister Devent has publicly announced his temporary switch to a much smaller bong.
I can't say I was that surprised by today's news that Ashfield DeVent is to be replaced as Minister of Works and Engineering and Housing by Lt.
DeVent received the poison chalice from Terry Lister at the beginning of 2004.
DeVent was being set up as the fall guy for the BHC and Berkeley fiascos.
DeVent has not failed, the decision to replace him suggests that the government are beginning to realise just how dangerous this issue could be for them at the polls.
He probably will piss some people off, but I bet he gets things turned around, IMO this was a good move and was long overdue! DeVent was WAY over his head with W.
He once criss-crossed the Island seeking his next 'smoke', but Ashfield DeVent has learned from personal tragedy and now he is calling for.
DeVent has witnessed first-hand the escalation of drug abuse in the constituency he grew up in and now represents in the House of Assembly.
DeVent says under colonial rule policing has been more thorough in white areas, thus ensuring such acceptance has never been allowed to set in.
DeVent said it was for these people he would continue to make the tough decisions for, regardless of any controversy they may cause.
DeVent expressed what seemed to be genuine concern, but also let her down.
DeVent said he had intended to meet with the woman but had been hampered by the recent "inclement weather.
4/18/2008 10:43:00 AMMP says new job will tell him 'what's really going on'Government MP Ashfield DeVent is back on the beatas a court reporter at VSB.
DeVent said there is little chance of straying from the truth as a court reporter and if he does, he will have to answer to the judge.
Government backbencher Ashfield DeVent is backing Senator David Burch's call for the Governor to hand over control of the Police.
DeVent has enjoyed a tumultuous initiation to Cabinet, and there isnt much reason.
DeVent has enjoyed a tumultuous initiation to Cabinet, and there isn't much reason to be optimistic about him being able to turn things around in his scandal plagued departments.
DeVent has quickly proven adept at the obstructionist and avoidance tactics of his Cabinet colleagues.
DeVent is clearly over his head as a Cabinet Minister I don't buy the Mr.
DeVent is elected in the safest of PLP seats.
DeVent has demonstrated the level of commitment that the PLP have to the housing problem.
DeVent said he had just completed an affordable housing study and was doing everything he could to meet the demand.
Government MP Ashfield DeVent has claimed guns are routinely imported with drugs as he urged society to get a grip on the problem amid escalating violence.
DeVent said that “the working poor are convinced that they have been forgotten while Dr.
DeVent is not able to share this information with his constituents.
DeVent has not told his constituents who are over the age of 65 that they no longer have to pay land tax, that they no longer have to pay to have their car licensed, that HIP benefits have increased, as well as pension payments.
DeVent has not shared with his constituents, who are not as fortunate as he or Dr.
DeVent has not shared with his constituents who have complained to him about the Premier’s “glitzy parties and flash cars” that they too can have those things if they choose.
During the Health and Family Services budget debate in the House of Assembly last night, Government backbench MP Ashfield DeVent said too many addicted women were slipping through the cracks unnoticed.
From BBC Monitoring International Reports) Text of report by Caribbean Media Corporation news agency website on 26 October Hamilton, Bermuda: Ashfield DeVent was sacked as Bermuda's works and engineering and housing minister a day after he had been asked to resign by Premier Alex Scott, newspaper reports said Wednesday.
drug-dealers operating around the clock in his Pembroke seat.
DeVent has previously supported Sen.
DeVent said hes sure the same would ring true in Bermuda - but again, we need the facts and not arguments based on dubious information.