Deputy Premier Ewart Brown of Bermuda

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Kevin Antario Brown is charged with sexually assaulting patients.
Kevin Antario Brown is charged with sexually assaulting a number of patients.
Brown was charged earlier this month with the sexual battery of an 18-year-old female patient and an undercover female police officer posing as a patient.
Prosecutors asked for the hefty bail amount because they say Brown is flight risk given his connections in Bermuda.
Brown has his faults and I worry that some of his bad traits will come to surface as a leader but I have the confidence that Dr.
Brown is also a physician and medical director of Bermuda Healthcare Services.
Brown was born in Bermuda to Ewart Sr.
Brown remained in Los Angeles, acquiring US.
Brown received the Physicians Recognition Award from the American Medical Association in 1977, the Grassroots Health Award from the Sons of Watts California in 1979, the Community Leadership Award from the Dubois Academic Institute in 1982, and the NAACP's Pacesetter Award in 1984.
With the PLP in control of parliament, Brown was appointed to Cabinet as the Minister of Transport.
Brown denied the claim, and criticized the Consulate for making the issue public.
Undaunted, Brown said "I am firmly committed to Bermuda becoming an independent nation.
Jonathan Dyer, "Brown has lied to US, but which politician hasn't?" Bermuda Sun, October 13, 2006.
Bermudians will adjust to any hardships felt by rising food and fuel prices, Premier Ewart Brown said this week.
EnlargeAP Photo/Rob CarrEwart Brown is making a splash in the sports world on Bermuda's behalf.
Bermuda's involvement with the classic is easy to figure out -- Brown is a Howard alum who earned both a medical doctorate and undergraduate chemistry degree there.
Brown is hatching a plan that would create a similar tournament for HBCUs in Bermuda.
Brown said the most revered athlete in Bermuda is Tiger Woods.
Ewart Brown has stated that he does not have the missing cedar beams and would never even contemplate the acts he has been accused of.
Brown is not as popular with his "team" as he used to be.
Brown is an internationally acclaimed physician.
Ewart Brown was educated at Central School (Victor Scott); in Jamaica, W.
Ewart Brown is a member of several professional organizations.
Kevin Antario Brown is also under investigation for multiple healthcare fraud schemes and for over prescribing the pain killer oxycodone.
Brown is like Tony Blair suggesting that the Queen should come to 10 Downing Street for their weekly meetings.
Brown was elected I predicted that his first stumbling block would be in his relationship to the Governor.
Brown is about 'power' and his personal desire for all the trappings of power which he so resents in everyone else.
Brown is anxiously awaiting the moment he can call a general election that he is sure he can win and the instant he does win that back burner will become front and centre and Independance will jammed down the throats of the majority of Bermudians.
Similarly, Ewart Brown is elected as the leader of our country.
Ewart Brown was out of line to make such a request.
Premier Brown has done nothing more than make a shrewd political move in a constitutional chess match - his opponent had no choice but to play into his hands.
If Brown has a problem with the Queen, he shouldn't have sworn an oath to her in the first place when he entered Cabinet and a few weeks ago became Premier.
Brown is so gung-ho on being independant from England and hates the rules so much, he really shouldn't have taken the job of enforcing those rules.
But the only problem is, does PB (or anyone in this day and age for that matter) hold that practice of swearing an oath as being that important or binding? I think if we look back at recent or perhaps even not so recent history, the facts are staring US in the face when it comes to PB.
Brown was confident that the next developer wouldn’t encounter the same problems.
Brown said that it wouldn’t be right for him to reveal financial details, revealing only that the Government had set certain milestones which the developers did not meet.
Brown said that it doesn’t work like that because developers need to spend large amounts of money on things such as due diligence, possibly creating a problem if both subsequently met the government’s requirements.
Brown was asked by the audience were dismissed as being of the plantation variety.
Brown is smart enough and quick-witted enough to answer any question without the need to resort to the “plantation” defence.
Brown said that he will be making an announcement next week “that will make all of you proud to be Bermudians.
Brown is now Bermuda’s Premier, after all.
Brown is being held without bail because authorities believe he would be a flight risk.
Brown is the head of Los Angeles's Urban Health Institute, a non-profit foundation.
Brown was arrested July 8 and was initially charged with sexually molesting a female patient and a female undercover police officer who posed as a patient.
After six more alleged victims came forward, Brown was additionally charged with 19 more felony counts, including a lewd act on a 15-year-old child, rape, sexual battery by fraud and sexual exploitation.
Premier Ewart Brown is the Bermuda Progressive Labour Party's candidate for constituency 26, Warwick South Central.
Premier Brown has a long history in the United States as a community-minded physician, where he is the recipient of numerous awards for his dedicated and self-less service.
A former resident of the United States, Premier Brown has been honoured for grassroots service to medicine and for his genuine humanitarian concerns for the wider community.
Premier Brown has twice been singled out by Howard University's College of Medicine for his coveted award for distinguished service to the college.
Ewart Frederick Brown was born in Bermuda in 1946 to Ewart Sr.
Premier Brown is a member of several professional organisations and has held such significant positions as Trustee of Howard University and Charles R.
Premier Brown is a former member of the Board of Directors of Marina Hills Hospital in Los Angeles, California; a former physician consultant of Rev.
Premier Brown is a member of the National Medical Association; American College of Utilization Review Physicians; Golden State Medical Association; American Medical Association, American Academy of Family Physicians; American Public Health Association; Charles R.
Premier Brown is married to Wanda Henton Brown, and has four sons: Kevin, Maurice, Ewart III, and Donovan.
He said the housing policy under Ewart Brown is targeting middle to upper middle class for help rather than those with lower incomes who need it most.
Brown had convinced those who installed him that he was going to make fundamental change to tackle inequalities — only to do nothing for those struggling to make ends meet.
Brown was elected leader of the ruling Progressive Labour Party on October 30, 2006, defeating his predecessor, Alex Scott, at a PLP delegates conference.
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Ewart Brown is clear � to pull together a governing party traumatised by two leadership fights in little more than three years.
Brown was elected as leader of the PLP tonight.
Foreign business was not a central issue in the campaign, but Brown said the party made it clear the new administration will continue to provide a friendly business environment.
Brown said the processing delays have largely been resolved.
Brown said while some like to describe the Workforce Equity Act as an affirmative action program, he sees it as an economic compensatory program.
spent many years practicing medicine in the US.