Minister of Justice Larry Mussenden of Bermuda

Larry Mussenden is the Bermuda Progressive Labour Party's candidate for constituency 9, Smith's West.
As a former Cabinet member and Senator, Larry Mussenden is well suited to add valuable input in future PLP Governments.
Mussenden was then appointed as Attorney-General, Minister of Justice and Government Senate Leader in January 2004.
Former Attorney General Larry Mussenden was yesterday (Thurs) named the new chairman of the Board of Governors at beleaguered Bermuda College.
Mussenden is the fourth chairman this year of the Board of Governors.
Mussenden is banking on his "strong record" to convince the affiliates that he still the man to bring the six-year strategic plan he put in place to fruition.
BFA president Larry Mussenden said yesterday the sport�s governing body had requested that two thirds of the funding for the plan should come from public funds, with the rest hoped to emanate from private-sector donors.
Generally pleased by objectives met by his administration in his first term in office as president of Bermuda Football Association, Larry Mussenden is now looking forward to taking on future challenges with an air of confidence.
A defiant Larry Mussenden has dismissed his detractors' calls for the next Bermuda Football Association (BFA) president to be a 'football man' and insists he's still the right candidate for the job.
Mussenden remains confident of fighting off Richard Calderon's serious challenge to his presidency and is braced for another close race when he goes head-to-head with the former national team coach at next week's Annual General Meeting (AGM.
Larry Mussenden is very active in the local community.
I think it will be a close call! Larry Mussenden has done some good things although there is room for improvement.
Attorney general Larry Mussenden said the machines were fleecing customers, while some owners of the machines were earning more than US$1 million a year.
Mussenden has managed to stay under the radar during the cabinet shuffle sweepstakes, perhaps due to his relatively short time in politics.
Bermuda declare war on WarriorsThursday, April 3 2008BERMUDA Football Association (BFA) president Larry Mussenden has declared an all-out football war on Trinidad and Tobago ahead of their second round South African 2010 World Cup qualifying home and away tie in June.
Mussenden is confident Bermuda can overcome TT who played in the World Cup Finals in Germany two years ago.
Despite PLP MP Scott Simmons promising a public debate once the gaming machine ban had gone into effect, now Attorney General Larry Mussenden says this isn’t going to happen (and claims not to see any contradiction.
Mussenden was a distraction and not the core issue.
In May last year, Attorney General Larry Mussenden said that he was considering legal methods of protecting frightened witnesses to include submitting their written statements during trial rather than calling them in person.
could exclude groups viewed as racist.
BFA president Larry Mussenden said the games would be good preparation for a tough Olympic qualifying round in Cuba later this year.
FOOTBALL-W/CUP-BFA president declares 'all-out war' on TT HAMILTON, Bermuda, Apr 2, CMC - Bermuda Football Association (BFA) president Larry Mussenden has declared all-out football war on Trinidad and Tobago, Bermuda's next CONCACAF opponents in the 2010.
BFA chief Larry Mussenden said Tucker was a man he respected highly.