Minister of Labor and Home Affairs Randy Norton of Bermuda

When Norton came to Illinois State, it was his first experience coaching women's basketball, but he already had established himself as one of the top prep boys basketball coaches in Iowa.
Already headed for legendary coaching status in his home state, Norton accepted Pingeton's call to help rebuild Redbird women's basketball.
Norton is testing new germplasm in three locations on two fronts: advanced strain testing for seed companies, plus preliminary and advanced strain testing for the Arizona Cotton Growers Association's (ACGA) breeding program.
Norton is in his second year of evaluating the ACGA varieties for yield and heat tolerance.
use of N occurs when the plant can actually use this nutrient.
that 60 to 70 pounds of nitrogen is needed for each bale produced.
Norton says this is especially true with wells in Arizona.
Norton said the advances in genetics and technology were desperately needed for American growers to compete.
Additionally, Norton said the Agricultural Extension Center does extensive research on genetically modifying the crops.
Randy Norton has been a Marin County resident for over 20 years.
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