Minister of Tourism, Telecommunications, and e-Commerce Renee Webb of Bermuda

Webb has not made the scope of her amendment clear, and was concerned that she is also looking to introduce gay marriage (which he opposes.
Dale Butler) or a Cabinet Member should have gone next is entirely reasonable, particularly when I've been reliably informed that Renee Webb had indicated that both Dale Butler and Ewart Brown would speak in support of the amendment -- one who claimed to be in the bathroom (oldest excuse in the book) and the other (Dr.
Webb has been around long enough to know that and should have read the writing on the wall.
Webb has emerged not just as a critic of her party, but with a vision of her own.
Former Tourism Minister Renee Webb found Government's departure from the Elliot Ettenberg report "disconcerting", the backbencher told The Royal Gazette last night.
Webb is talking about here is collective responsibility.
Webb is suggesting is going on with the Ettenberg report.
Ms Webb said it withstood a pummelling from winds of 200km per hour when Hurricane Fabian hit.
Renee Webb said she decided to introduce her Private Member’s Bill after Mr.
Ms Webb said she believed the failure of her bill showed “the rise of the influence of the church which is trying not to be separate from the state.
Renee Webb was led up the garden path by some of her colleagues.
Tourism Minister Renee Webb has come in for vicious criticism after first holding up a charter flight from Jamaica for an hour - and then allegedly pushing to the front of the queue to pay her Customs duty on arrival back in Bermuda.
Despite both Government's Department of Communication and Information and Acting Tourism Minister Randolph Horton claiming Ms Webb was away on business - she said last night that she was, in fact, on vacation with her family.
Three quarters of respondents to a Royal Gazette online poll say that Renee Webb was right to resign as Tourism Minister.
8 percent said "yes" when asked if Ms Webb was right to resign.
Tourism Minister Renee Webb is to stop releasing quarterly visitor arrival figures because she claims they do not necessarily paint an accurate picture.
Since Ms Webb took over, the figures have been released more sporadically and yesterday she told The Royal Gazette she will not be releasing statistics until she has information about spending as well.
Former Cabinet Minister Renee Webb has come out against her own Government's proposed workplace quota law, saying Government must fix the education system first.
help another people because of their government's policy.
Earlier Ms Webb said she was confident the bill would pass.
Well, sit tight because that is excately what renee webb is going to do.
Personal - Ladarius Webb was born on October 12, 1985.