Governor Richard Gozney of Bermuda

British High Commissioner to Nigeria Richard Gozney was quoted as saying that the British government's assistance would cover Nigeria's 16 northern states.
Gozney said the development of the girl-child education in the northern states was "one of the areas which needed critical intervention, hence the British government's assistance.
The son of Thomas Leonard Gozney and his wife Elizabeth Margaret Lilian Gardiner, Gozney was educated at Magdalen College School, Oxford, and St Edmund Hall, Oxford.
Gozney said British investment has remained in the South-South geo-political zone of the country until recently mainly because of the presence of oil.
Gozney expressed the hope that the development would be an economic advantage for Nigeria as, in the years ahead, oil and gas from the region would become an issue of energy security.
Gozney said plans are underway to improve living standards in Nigeria's Northern region, especially in child literacy, saying: "We haven't looked to the North as much as we had liked.
Mr Gozney said he would willingly accept such a penalty.
Gozney said in Uyo when he visited Governor Victor Attah to mark the World Tourism Day, that in the next four months, 14 British companies under the auspices of the Northern Offshore Federation would visit the state.
Lagos: Nigeria's efforts to retrieve looted funds must be backed by concrete evidence that they were indeed looted, British High Commissioner in the country, Richard Gozney has said.
Gozney expressed his country's desire to help Nigeria recover its looted funds provided it could prove that the owners of such funds were "bad guys in their native countries.
Speaking with THISDAY yesterday, the British High Commissioner, Richard Gozney praised the thoroughness in the procedure of the senate’s debate which finally sounded a death blow to the attempt to elongate the tenure of the President and state governors beyond the stipulated two terms of four years each.
Gozney said only 8,000 out of the 28,000 Nigerians that applied for the British study visa in 2006 were successful.
To prevent ill-gotten wealth from going to Britain, Gozney said the British Government had to change its law about a couple of years ago.