Minister of Education Terry Lister of Bermuda

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Publisher Notes: Tel the Tugboat and His Tugboat FriendsTerry Lister is lives in Portsmouth with his wife.
Terry Lister is lives in Portsmouth with his wife.
Lister has also served as Regional Counsel to NASD District 3 and Chief of Enforcement with the Missouri Securities Division.
will level the playing field for blacks.
Terry Lister is a CA, previously a partner in a big 4 firm.
Royal Gazette writes "Premier Alex Scott announced today that Education Minister Terry Lister has resigned from Cabinet to be replaced by former educator Neletha Butterfield.
Don't get me wrong, I'm glad Lister is gone.
Terry Lister is senior vice president and chief regulatory officer with Waddell & Reed, Inc.
Lister was general counsel and director of compliance with Cambridge Investment Research.
Lister has served as regional counsel to NASD District 3, chief of enforcement with the Missouri Securities Division, and counsel and director of compliance with Hanifen, Imhoff Inc.
Lister has capably served Bermuda for over 30 years.
Dennis Lister was first elected to Parliament in the General Election of 1989.
About the Author: Terry Lister is lives in Portsmouth with his wife.
Lister said yesterday that with 22 percent over-employment, resulting in the need to bring in foreign workers, it made no sense for Bermudians who wanted to keep working to be forced to retire.
Lister said in a Ministerial statement in the House of Assembly on Friday.
Education and Development Minister Terry Lister is shaking things up � starting with a revision of the code of conduct, improving the assessment programme and investing heavily in professional development of teachers.
Lister has even taken principals to task, asking them to improve supervision of their teachers� work and starting a new school-based teacher support programme at primary level as well as developing a system-wide tutorial policy.
Education Minister Terry Lister said 1,020 students are registered for CedarBridge Academy � an increase of 38 � while 566 students are registered at Berkeley Institute � an increase of 62.
Director Lister has given staff some potential leads.
Director Lister said truck #23 is the oldest in the fleet.
Director Lister said once the snow melts the Association will be seeing a lot of road failures.
Director Lister said the policy is involved but okay and should be put in next years coupons.
Director Lister said the policy has good intentions.
Lister is comfortable with two public arbitrators so long as there is at least one industry arbitrator on the panel.
Lister has not found these procedures helpful in the past.
I want to see people just come in and talk, Lister said during an interview held recently.
Some smaller parks which Lister said currently look like vacant lots could be improved and adapted to active or passive uses.
Lister is dubious of a recent proposal to build boat slips around the ball field near city hall.
Lister said he is willing to spend money on projects that will beautify the city.
As a self-employed businessman, Lister said he has the time and dedication to be a part of the leadership in Madeira Beach.
Fifth ministerial post: Terry Lister is looking to stability in his new post as Energy Minister and long-term planning beyond the outcome of the next election.
Back in Government after grabbing some much-needed rest, Terry Lister is hoping for some time to get to grips with his new portfolio of Energy, Telecommunications and E-Commerce.
Lister said the issue could be raised again.
Lister is glad to be back in the inner circle after just over a year on the backbenches.
Lister has no ambitions for the top job, despite standing several times for the leadership of his party.
Lister said not all was well as Bermuda was still counting firsts.
Lister said he experienced the same thing when he resigned as a partner at Deloitte and Touche for full-time politics.
Lister said he would love to get input from a substantial contingent of white PLP members.
Lister said business people used to be asked: "Why are you here? You're not labour because you have a business.
One Randy Horton supporter said Terry Lister was not getting much backing as he was seen as being just as arrogant as Dr.
Lister took an early lead, enjoying first place for the first four laps until Thorp roared past the leader following a restart.
Although Thorp had gained the lead, Lister was right behind his rear bumper.
Thorp led laps 5-10 and Lister was unable to gain ground on the flying Brian.
After that, Lister was in control as Marnie Thorp and Winnemucca’s Dave Jenkins chased him to the checkered.
District 3 and Chief of Enforcement with the Missouri Securities Division.