Minister of Information and Communication Nandalal Rai of Bhutan

Firmly believing in the people of his constituency Nandalal Rai, 53, from Sarpang Seer, Thadhapgaon village, never doubted that he would win.
The total votes secured by Nandala Rai was 4,879 against Pelzore Rumba’s 3,116.
NL Rai had also encountered snakes on the left side of his road while campaigning and blacknecked cranes were seen flying at dusk over Jigmeling, after ten years, a day before the polls.
22 May, 2008 - Accessibility is the key to ensure that people with challenges participate in society effectively.
On the occasion, the Bhutanese Minister for Information and Communications Rai said Bhutan wanted to further expand the areas of bilateral cooperation.
The Information and Communications Minister, Lyonpo Nandalal Rai said the launch of 3G service will change our life.
However, the information and communication minister, Lyonpo Nandalal Rai said that his ministry would be soon presenting the surface transport Master Plan to improve public transport across the country.
Information and Communications Minister.
Exporter Nandalal Rai said a box of apples fetched only about 438 ngultrums (Rs.
Launching Bhutan Today on October 30, information and communication minister Nandalal Rai said the government was ready to support free media.
government was ready to support free media.