Vice President Alvaro Garcia linera of Bolivia

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Thus Alvaro Garcia Linera is well placed to analyze the contest between indigenous demands for power and constraints imposed by transnational capitalism.
News:With a life story that reads like an adventure novel, Bolivian VP Alvaro Garcia Linera is Evo Morales' Karl Rove — and one of the most interesting figures in the new Latin left.
On relations with Venezuela and Cuba, Garcia Linera said there existed a friendship between them, but no more a friendship than between Bolivia and Argentina or Bolivia and the United States.
The lesser known half of the odd-couple leading Bolivia's populist revolution, Alvaro Garcia Linera has taken on so many of Morales' difficult chores recently that some pundits call him "co-president" of the South American nation.
Bolivia's political parties agreed to revive the assembly working to rewrite the constitution, which had been stalled for weeks, Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera said on Thursday.
to make the Constitutional Assembly feasible, so that it can finish its work on time (before December 14)," Garcia Linera said after 16 hours of talks with opposition parties.
Bolivian Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera has been invited by the Department of Romance Languages to give a talk on "Indianism and Marxism," a philosophy both racist and communist.
Garcia Linera says the conflicts are to be expected, as Bolivian society takes on "the two conquests of equality"-political rights for indigenous peoples and economic equality through a redistribution of national wealth.